[Trans] 121207 TVXQ Yunho & Kwon Sang Woo’s First Reading For “Queen Of Ambition” Revealed

Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae displayed their mutual understanding from their first reading for the drama “Queen Of Ambition.” On 7 December, the staff of the new SBS Monday – Tuesday drama “Queen of Ambition” revealed photos for the location of the first script reading held on 6 December. For this script reading which … Continue reading

[Trans] 121210 Actors Of ‘Queen Of Ambition’ Get Together For Their Drama’s Poster

A photo has been released from the ‘Queen of Ambition’ poster photoshoot. Actress Kim Sung Ryeong posted a photo with the caption “SBS Monday-Tuesday drama Queen of Ambition” on her Twitter account on the 10th. In the photo can be seen Go Jun Hui, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, Soo Ae, Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Sung … Continue reading

[News] 121130 Korean musicals are finding a home in Japan

Slick productions, big Hallyu stars fuel popularity K-pop idol Yunho of boyband TVXQ plays the main character in the musical “Gwanghwamun Sonata” on Nov. 21 at the Shin Shin Kabukiza Theater in Osaka, Japan. Provided by the production company OSAKA – When singer Yunho of boy band TVXQ appeared on the stage at the Osaka … Continue reading

[NEWS] Lee Jung Hyun helped Yunho get into SM?

TVXQ‘s Yunho shared the special connection he has to songstress Lee Jung Hyun. On the next episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ that is to air on November 6th, the guests included TVXQ, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Ki Chan, Super Junior members Shindong, and Yesung, and many other. The episode was the final one and a … Continue reading

[NEWS] 121106 TVXQ’s Yunho reveals his sister on ‘Strong Heart’

TVXQ‘s Yunho revealed his younger sister on ‘Strong Heart‘. Yunho brought a photo of his sister Jung Ji Hye onto the show, explaining, “[My sister is] famous in Gwangju because she’s an ulzzang. She’s currently working at a bank.” The male guests of the show showed a lot of interest in her because of her … Continue reading

[NEWS] 121106 Lee Jung Hyun reveals story when Yunho greeted her in just a bathrobe

Lee Jung Hyun shared her story of seeing Yunho in just a bathrobe on the November 6th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘. Lee Jung Hyun said, “There is one thing I am really thankful to Yunho about. In addition to his other duties, Son Ji Chang sunbae also plans concerts. He planned a Hallyu concert in … Continue reading

[NEWS] TVXQ’s Yunho doesn’t remember whether he was wearing pants while partying with Lee Jung Hyung

Lee Jung Hyung shared the story of how she saw Yunho in a robe. Singer Lee Jung Hyun made a guest appearance on the November 6th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ and she told a story about Changmin and Yunho. Lee Jung Hyun stated, “There’s something I’m thankful to Yunho. Son Ji Chang sunbae produces concerts as well. He produced the Hallyu concert in Jeju and … Continue reading

[PHOTOS] Yunho – Gwanghamun Sonata

Credits: YODMANOODlllll Shared by: DBSKnights

[NEWS+VIDEO] 121015 TVXQ’s Yunho sheds tears thinking about his late grandfather

On the 14th, TVXQ and UV were featured guests on ‘God of Victory‘ to battle each other. One of the rounds was to see who could cry faster. In the practice game, Yunho was able to cry immediately, drawing attention from everyone else. When asked how he was able to cry so easily, he explained, … Continue reading

[NEWS] DBSK’s Changmin wants “Replay” and Yunho wants to wear a Taemin wig

In a recent interview, Choikang Changmin of DBSK confessed, “I want SHINee’s “Noona, You’re So Pretty” which never gets old no matter how many years pass.” He shared that: “Even if I listen to it now, it’s nice and refined. During that time, I was doing promotions for “Mirotic”. I kept telling SHINee “I really … Continue reading