SHINee Japan Arena Tour @ Fuji TV Part 4 (Eng sub)

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[NEWS] Minho becomes a “Strongest Visual Gold Medalist” for “For You in Full Blossom”

Minho, “Strongest Visual Gold Medalist” “I got gold medal!” “To The Beautiful You” Minho became “Strongest Visual Gold Medalist” Minho was seen with the Seoul’s national flag logo on his chest in today’s released picture with a gold medal around his neck and attracting attention with a glow on his face. This was from a … Continue reading

SHINee gives greeting for Korean Cultural Service New York’s ’2012 New York K-Pop Festival’

Following the success of 2011’s ‘SMTown Live’ in NYC and the ‘New York Korea Festival’, the Korean Cultural Service New York will be holding ‘2012 New York K-Pop Festival’, an event that all K-pop fans in New York and the surrounding area can participate in with their covers of one of three artists. From July … Continue reading

SHINee discusses about sleeping habits, cooking skills and more!

  Read the short interview of SHINee during the Japan Arena Tour Special Broadcast. Who has the worst sleeping habits? All: Minho! Even when he’s asleep, he seems to be fighting with someone in his dreams! And he talks a lot in his sleep! Taemin: Even though other members also talk in their sleep, Minho’s … Continue reading

[ENGSUB] SHINee Japan Arena Tour @ Fuji TV Part 3

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[HQ] 120721 Hot JongTae @ SWC II In Seoul

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BoA – Only One ft. TaeMin ( SHINee ) Slow Motion

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