[photo]Onew Taemin Key in Barcelona For ELLE GIRL

credit : fly a high pitch (Source: shineetunandall)

[Eng] SHINee in Barcelona Children of the Sun 111216

credit: blingdinosaur source:forevershiningshinee

SHINee celebrates the release of their Barcelona travel book

On December 13th, SHINee‘s Onew, Key, and Taemin held a book release conference for their Barcelona travel book, ‘Children of the Sun‘. The book is a photo essay documenting the trio’s experience during their week-long stay in Barcelona, Spain. It features journal-like entries from the members as they delve into personal stories and thoughts. As of the 13th, the book … Continue reading

[TRANS] Finding Out About What Spain Thinks Of JYJ’s First European Concert

We were able to see that JYJ’s European fanbase continues to expand as time passes. On the 29th, JYJ held a mini concert at the LA FARGA Convention Centre’s performance hall and sang ‘Empty’ and ‘Get Out’ to 5,000 cheering audience members. Though it was a paid performance that showcased only two songs, people flocked … Continue reading

JYJ’s Spain Promoter Confirms 3000 Attended the Meaningful Barcelona Concert

JYJ Concert in Spain. A Brave Beginning, More Important Than Its Scale With the perspectives splitting, there is rising controversy about the Spain Concert from Group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu).

[News] “It was because of JYJ’s vigorous dance moves… We’re sorry”, Organizer apologized

‘JYJ European Tour in Barcelona’, even the professional photography team became puzzled by [JYJ’s] energetic moves. ”We’re sorry. There is no photo.” On the 29th (local time), after the ‘JYJ European Tour in Barcelona’ has ended, the organizer unusually apologized to the reporters because there were very few photos of all the members Kim Junsu, Kim … Continue reading

[INFO] “JYJ Europe Tour Concert 2011 in Barcelona, Spain” A successful start!

Hello, Greetings from C-Jes Entertainment. JYJ had a successful start for the Europe tour with 3,000 enthusiastic fans in Spain. “JYJ Europe Tour Concert 2011 in Barcelona, Spain” was held at Poble Espanyol plaza in Barcelona, Spain on October 29th that was the first Europe concert of JYJ as well as the first Spain single … Continue reading