[NEWS] Media and fans unanimously saying “XIA HOLIC!”

Media and fans unanimously saying “XIA HOLIC!” Highly praising, saying, “Songs of Treasure Island” … Taiwan’s response to Kim Junsu’s solo concert ‘Perfect! Never seen such a singer!’ After successful ‘XIA 1st Asia Tour in Taiwan’ concert on June 23 at the Taiwan University Stadium, the local community has shown enthusiastic response to Kim Junsu(XIA). … Continue reading

[Twitter] 120427 Junsu Update + Other Twitters

[TRANS @ plmok30] Coffee time at the airport.. Listening to Junsu-hyung’s song..^^ The song is good. heh. Waiting for Japan. heh [TRANS @Juno_Japan] Finished recording at the radio! Now, I will go meet everyone of FC MEN! !( ´ ▽ ` )ノ [TRANS @1215thexiahtic] Hurry up Hyung~~~~ Source: @1215thexiahtic @slaughteration Translation by: @angelxiaholic, depps1004 tumblr and popopiluvsjyj of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3

[TWITTER] 120411 Junsu Twitter Update + Min Young Ki share more Elisabeth’s backstage photos

[TRANS] Ha-ak!All right midday performance starts~^^ Source: @poimin73 + @1215thexiahtic Translated by: @neonoenjena Shared by: JYJ3

[Other Twitters] Mrs. Kim and Min Young Ki share Xiathtod’s backstage pictures

[TRANS] After the performance~ One shot in the waiting room!!ㅋ People who envy me, please replace my face (with yours)!!! You have my permission, you can do it, free from all anxiety ^^ㅋㅋ http://pic.twitter.com/sKCMUAo5 Source: @zunoxiahmom, @poimin73 Translated by: The_little_pear of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3

[VIDEO] 120409 K Star News: Junsu Elisabeth Musical

Credit: JjYcJs1 Shared By: JYJ3

[TWITTER] 120409 Junsu Twitter Update

[TRANS] Today’s weather is really nice~^^ http://pic.twitter.com/jT9uZEdO Source: @1215thexiahtic Translated by: @0101jyunshyu Shared by: JYJ3 

[OTHER TWITTERS] 120402 Junsu’s Mom Tweets on Junsu and His Cats

[Trans] Do U C Junsu’s face (expression) ♬♬ spending time with cats? huhu. yes he is a cats’ bro ^^ Source: @zunoxiahmom Translated by: Jeneration (@126×204) Tip: Jae-is-Mine Shared by: JYJ3 Please do not modify or delete credits.

[TWITTER] 120331 Junsu Twitter Update

[TRANS] One shot with Jungjae in the coffee shop! Early evening’s freedom… It’s really nice~ pic.twitter.com/vIUWYqhi [TRANS] ▶yoonphantom | haven’t reunited with hyung in a while haha see you tomorrow, hyung~^^ -[in reply to]- have a fun time~~^^ and let’s meet up tomorrow!!^^ㅎ [TRANS]  ”I hope I’m mother’s mirror… Because she will look at me… Because she will talk … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 120322 Junsu Twitter Update (Updated)

[Trans] ▶BeeeestDJ i’m sick T -[in reply to] – uht hyung. you really look like you’re sick. [Trans] ▶dongdongluv | Who is it?? -[in reply to]- Time, just flow, just flow… There’s nothing I can do even if I become similar to an old lady… I really love dramas… Rooftop Prince hooray!! Maximum Survival hooray!! [Trans] ▶joohyunieee … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 120322 Junsu Twitter Update

@JS_921214:  I have gotten a sore throat….i got propolis too… Is that good?!?! Junsu: @JS_921214 Juseung-ah… Hyung has also caught a coldㅠ there were only symptoms since the other night, but yesterday and today, it was hard for meㅠ it will be for a long time so take care of yourself~~~ Junsu: Since yesterday I have had the … Continue reading