[NEWS] TVXQ’s Yunho doesn’t remember whether he was wearing pants while partying with Lee Jung Hyung

Lee Jung Hyung shared the story of how she saw Yunho in a robe.

Singer Lee Jung Hyun made a guest appearance on the November 6th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ and she told a story about Changmin and Yunho.

Lee Jung Hyun stated, “There’s something I’m thankful to Yunho. Son Ji Chang sunbae produces concerts as well. He produced the Hallyu concert in Jeju and only TVXQ and I were invited to perform on it. When the concert was finished Son Ji Chang sunbae told me that we should have a drink in TVXQ’s room. I told him I’d join him there and I was grateful for the invitation.”

Lee Jung Hyun continued, “I went to TVXQ’s suite at the promised time. I opened the door and it was a large room that had a canopy bed. You could see the beautiful Jeju sea from the windows and the silk curtain was gently blowing in the wind. Changmin said ‘Noona, you came?’. Son Ji Chang sunbae arrived a little late.”

Lee Jung Hyun revealed that she didn’t see Yunho in the room. She added, “I asked where Yunho was and it was then when Yunho came out of the shower with his hair wet and wearing only a robe. He said ‘You came noona?’”

Shin Dong Yup joked, “You weren’t wearing anything underneath the robe, were you?” Yunho responded, “I remember for sure that I was wearing a T-shirt on top.” Then Park Gyung Rim took her turn to tease Yunho, “So are you saying you weren’t wearing anything at the bottom half?” and everyone burst into laughter.

Yunho explained the story from his perspective, “At the time I had no idea that Lee Jung Hyun sunbae was coming. I opened the door and Lee Jung Hyun sunbae was right there, I thought it’d be better to not make a big deal out of it. I welcomed her naturally. The important thing is though I don’t remember whether I was wearing my pants at the time.”

Then Super Junior’s Yesung joined in on the fun saying, “Even from way back he likes to wear long shirts and not wear any underwear.”

Changmin explained, “I was waiting seated next to Lee Jung Hyun noona. I was surprised to see Yunho hyung wearing only a robe. I thought ‘What is he doing wearing a robe? He never wears them’.” Lee Jung Hyun confessed, “I didn’t know where to look while was drinking with them. I think of that day and I want to thank Yunho”, and everyone in the studio burst into laughter.

Credits: KpopFever
 Image: SBS ‘Strong Heart’
Source: Newsen via Nate
Shared by: DBSKnights

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