[PHOTO] 120924 Changmin on the Cover of Pict Up Magazine

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[VIDEO] Catch Me Promotional Interview

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[PHOTO] 120925 ‘Catch Me’ Album Covers

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[TRANS] 120925 TVXQ ‘Catch Me’ MV, The Unbelievable Performance, Unconciously Astonished‏

Male group TVXQ has recently released their new MV of their new single ‘Catch Me’ and it has garnered attention. In the ‘Catch Me’ MV revealed on the 24th, TVXQ’s strong and powerful performance attracted fans’ visual and gained explosive reponses. To the various highlights of the choreography of ‘Catch Me’, fans nicknamed the actions … Continue reading

[INFO] 120925 TVXQ to attend the “ABU TV Song Festival”

The inaugural ABU Song Festival is envisioned as a sensational international gala event in Seoul, Korea to take place during the 49th ABU General Assembly, 11-17 October, 2012. The song festival will take the form of a televised, non-competitive celebration of popular music representing the geographical and cultural expanse of the Asia-Pacific region. With the … Continue reading

[INFO] 120925 Yunho Casted in ‘Gwanghwamun Love Song’ Musical

Yunho casted to play the young Sang Hun Info: A man sings “Old Love” on the streets of Gwanghwamun on a snowy day. The man, named Sang-hoon (Song Chang-eui), is a composer who spends his days that are blurry from tear gas, with music. On the other hand, Hyun-woo (Kim Moo-yeol), a junior that Sang-hoon dotes … Continue reading

[VIDEO] 120926 TVXQ – Vogue Korea ‘Beyond the Beat’

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[PHOTOS] 120926 TVXQ – ‘Catch Me’ Album Cards

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[PHOTOS] 120926 TVXQ Official Site Update

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[PHOTOS] 120926 Bigeast Staff Report

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