[ENG] Salamander Guru and the Shadows Ep 1 2/4

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[ENG] Salamander Guru and the Shadows Ep 1 1/4

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[LIST] Top 10 “Best Idol Group Leader”

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[Tidbit] Recent Maypole Photoshoot BTS (Onew Absent)

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[Preview] 120130 Immortal Song 2 Rehearsal Preview

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[Tidbit] 120129 Taemin trending #5 on Weibo

1. School reunion 2. Some Invitation 3. Kwon Sang Woo 4. Chinese artifact 5. Lee Taemin 6. “One Piece” Manga 7. Reunion Dinner 8. “Moon Represents my heart” 9. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Yunnan 10. “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” (Movie) S/N : Weibo is the largest Chinese social-networking site very similar to Twitter. Credit : 『筱妍』乖ˇ … Continue reading

[Tidbit] RDD was sung in Thai Movie “บางคนแคร์ แคร์บางคน” (Kulachat Jitkajornvanich)

(Start from 2:53) See the performance here : http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/49rtmLFfQYE/?fr=1 Source : blue撒旦 // Image : fws.cc // reupload : soundtracklove@soompi (Source: shineelovesg)

Key’s diary from Son of The Sun

Somehow, I don’t like new things. Compared to something slick and warm that’s newly produced from the factory, I like the old one better. Old things are different and special, they also have story that have been stored for a long time. The story behind them and their special value attract me. Lifeless things are … Continue reading

Onew’s Diary from Son of the Sun

These recent years, I have so many overseas activities so I take plane a lot. I wonder if somebody who likes travelling would be like “Whoa, I’m jealous” when he/she sees my passport full of stamps, but actually going overseas because of performing schedules isn’t the same as enjoying foreign atmosphere of certain places. Besides, … Continue reading

[video] l2Ol28 Taemin talk cut @I$2

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