[NEWS] 120228 Rooftop Prince in a box

Oh man, these posters for Rooftop Prince crack me up, especially this first one above where our time-traveling Joseon aristocrats (and prince) find themselves stuck in a box (literally) wondering, “Is this real life or the afterlife?” I know, the 21st century’s a bitch, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure my favorite thing about prince Yoochun is the utter dignity … Continue reading

[NEWS] 120227 Kim Jaejoong takes #1 in the Celebrity Twitter Awards, Beating Justin Bieber

[NEWS] 120227 Kim Jaejoong takes #1 in the Celebrity Twitter Awards, Beating Justin Bieber for the 2nd Consecutive Year JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has topped the list for the Celebrity section of the 4th Shorty Awards. On the 23rd Kim Jaejoong topped the Celebrity section of the Shorty Awards, beating artists such as Justin Bieber, … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 120228 Junsu Twitter Update

[TRANS] Eunhyuk: Kim Junsu lost to me in . 3:2 [T/N : If I’m not wrong, ‘Winning’ is a soccer game] Junsu: hyukjae ya~~ remember you lost? you want to forget or just don’t remember? Source: 1215thexiahtic + allrisesilver Translated by: @Jinn8812elf + @allelfheart Shared by: JYJ3

[PICS] 120228 Yoochun filming ‘Rooftop Prince’ by Korean Press, Part 1

Credit: As tagged Shared by: JYJ3

[PICS] ‘Rooftop Prince’ Posters

Credit: SBS via DNBN Shared by: JYJ3

[TRANS] JYJ on Vietnamese magazine for teenagers – Hoa hoc tro Magazine no 984: LET’S MEET JYJ

You have so many places to “date” 3 JYJ flower boys! ON TV WITH ROOFTOP PRINCE Our Yoochun is destined to play in historical drama. His latest role is the Crown Prince. The drama which tells a story about a prince living in rooftop not only makes JYJ fans wait in anxiety, but also makes Korean drama-aholics excited this month. The stories about a woman or a man travelling time caused a fever in China but it’s … Continue reading

NEWS] JYJ’s Yoo Chun is always considerate of his fans

JYJ’s Yoo Chun is always considerate of his fans. On February 27, SBS TV reported that Yoo Chun never forgets to take care of his fans despite his busy schedule for his new drama series The Rooftop Prince. Yoo Chun is also promoting JYJ’s documentary film The Day with Jae Joong and Jun Su at … Continue reading

[NEWS] 120227 Park Yoochun: “Rooftop Prince’s charisma is the smile which screenwriter likes”

Park Yoochun expressed his preparedness for his new drama special ‘Rooftop Prince’. SBS’s ‘Good Morning’ show broadcasted the poster photoshoot scene for ‘Rooftop Prince’ on Feb. 27. When the production crew asked if it is difficult playing the role, he said with a laugh, “The charisma is emerging episode by episode. I try by hoping … Continue reading

[NEWS] 120227 JYJ Yoochun’s “Rooftop Prince” Overwhelming Favorite Among Japanese Fans

JYJ Yoochun’s upcoming TV drama series, “Rooftop Prince,” has been voted the overwhelming top pick among Japanese fans for “2012’s Most Anticipated Korean Drama.” According to “Innolife.net,” a Japanese website specializing in Hallyu content, SBS “Rooftop Prince” received 59.2% of the total votes in a survey that asked which TV drama series would be the most … Continue reading

[NEWS] 120227 JYJ Dominates the Box Office

JYJ’s new movie has dominated the weekend’s theater district. Ever since the movie “The Day” released four days ago in only 19 theaters, the film drew audiences totaling 25,000 people. In response to the support of the fans, JYJ made a several surprise visits to the theaters. During their visits, the group talked about their … Continue reading