[Trans] 111213 Yunho Splatters Milk On Changmin, Pushes Blame To Milk Tea Shakers

After anticipating for 3 years, Korean band TVXQ held their fan party at Taiwan. Fans were still as passionate although the group was left with only Yunho and Changmin performing on stage. Yunho started doing some tricks as the duo were on stage shaking bubble tea, accidentally causing some milk to be splattered onto Changmin. … Continue reading

[Trans] 111212 TVXQ’s Taiwan Fan Party A Grand Occasion, ‘Deserving Of Their Reputation As Top In Asia!’

Following Shanghai, TVXQ completely captured the hearts of Taiwanese fans, proving themselves worthy of the title as Asia’s top star. On 10 December, TVXQ arrived at Taiwan’s Songshan Airport in the morning and were showered with interviews by influential local media from the moment they entered the country. In order to welcome TVXQ, who were … Continue reading

[Trans] 111212 Yunho’s Wish To Be A Dad, Dreams Of A Father-And-Son’s Stage‏

TVXQ had their Fan Party for Taiwan stop on the 11th, though there was no “flashy show of meat”, Changmin’s wide opened chest and the subtle random appearance of the “spot” (T/N: nipple i.e.) led fans in craze mode, additionally with Yunho’s words of “Taiwanese fans has a forte that are different from other countries and that … Continue reading

[Pic] 111209 TVXQ Fanmeet In Shanghai part 3

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[Vid] 111209 TVXQ Fanmeet In Shanghai

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[Trans] 111210 TVXQ Charms The Shanghai Fans, Show Of Chest & Abs Causes Screams

TVXQ held their Shanghai Fan Party recently, charming their fans. TVXQ who is currently touring Asia with their fan parties, after Beijing and Singapore, greeted their fans on the Shanghai stage amidst the fan’s anticipation and cheers. On the afternoon of 9 December, the “TVXQ Asia Fan Party 2011 in Shanghai” was held, before entering … Continue reading

[Pic] 111210 TVXQ Asia Fan Party in Taiwan Press Conference

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