[Pic] Tohoshinki TONE Live Tour 2012 Pamphlet

Donghae: Min Ho Happy birthday ^^ Good Night !! pic.twitter.com/lmzPUqvM credit: donghae861015shared by: sharingyoochun.net

[PHOTO] 121117 HoMin – Brian Joo Twitter Update

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[OTHER TWITTER] 121109 Song Joong Ki and Kim Jaejoong before “Code Name: Jackal” V.I.P. Premiere

[TRANS] Song Joongki who went to the premiere of “Jackal’s Coming”…Kim Jaejoong..by the way why is a man’s skin like this? Song Joong Ki and Kim Jaejoong before the Jackal VIP Premiere (Joong Ki left for his own movie stage greeting after this) Credits: sosimikisso + DC Song JoongKi Gallery Translated by: @126×204 Shared by: JYJ3

[PIC] 121030 C-jes News Update: Junsu wins Best Leading Actor Award

YJ Kim Junsu Won the Best Leading Actor Award, “A Dream Award, I Dedicate the Honor to My Fans.” (via XIAH_Press) Credit: C-jes Shared by: JYJ3

[SCANS + TRANS] 121026 Jaejoong’s interview with ELLE Korea “My Journey Week”

In northern India, the road to Alwar located near Rajasthan was more difficult than they had anticipated. They shouldn’t have believed so easily when they heard that it would only take 4 and a half hours from Delhi Airport. For the people who measure time by the ticks of a clock, it wasn’t easy joining … Continue reading

[PIC] 121024 Jaejoong Takes a Picture with MC of Thailand FM

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[PIC] 121020 Jaejoong Takes Picture with MC of Nanjing FM

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[PIC/TRANS] 121019 Woman Sense October Issue – Kim Jaejoong, Rising magnate, 20th generation of Idols’ Financial Management ~

[SUMMARIZE] Woman Sense October Issue #Kim Jaejoong# Rising magnate, 20th generation of Idols’ Financial Management ~ In the past we only look for Idols in Entertainment Editions , now we have to pay attention to Finance Edition too.. Main employment and sideline in both hands, loads of money rolling in, making no mistakes in acting … Continue reading

[PICS/INFO] 121007 Official Poster + PressCon Info for ‘Kim Jaejoong 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta 2012′

Press Conference Poster Teaser photo for Jaejoong’s greeting message  The video will be released on Oct 8th with Indonesian subtitles at the scheduled press conference for Kim Jaejoong’s 1st Fanmeeting in Jakarta Credit: SH Entertainment Indonesia Facebook + Twitter Shared By: JYJ3      

[PHOTO+TRANS] Super Junior Siwon Tweets About TVXQ

[TRANS] @siwon407 Yunho-hyung, Changmin-ah… Because I waited so long for this album I’m buying two ^^ CATCH ME! this album is amazing! Source: siwon407 Trans: changjewel Shared by: DBSKnights