121203 Jonghyun Twitter Updates

Jonghyun Updates his Twitter 121203 [he deleted this tweet] It’s already 2012, it’s(2012) almost all gone..Fighting for the last month!! Shawol!! I’m happy that we spent the year together! Everything will go well! Nyah-hahaha Credit: realjonghyun90 Translation credits @qyblingtastic || Via : Forever_SHINee Jonghyun updates his Twitter 121203 #2 Omona it should be 2012…embarrassed…it’s typo. Credit: realjonghyun90 … Continue reading

Key and Jonghyun @ KBS World Date part 2


Key and Jonghyun @ SWC ll Taiwan 120916

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Jonghyun and Key @ KBS World Date


Jonghyun @ SWC II Taiwan 120916 #2

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Jonghyun twitter update @ 7.35pmkst 120916

It’s fun! ㅎㅅㅎ Credit: realjonghyun90 Translation : Forever_SHINee . AWK      

[HQ] 120915 Jonghyun @ SWC II In Taiwan

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[HQ] 120915 Jonghyun @ SWC II in Taiwan

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Jonghyun twitter update on 120903 #2

10.42amkst Since i cant fall asleep, Roo Story Update! 10.47amkst Roo doesnt know that she is a dog. Maybe she is like this because she grew up among humans. There was once when i took her out to Naksun for a walk, she was so shocked when he saw the other dogs there that he … Continue reading

120903 Jonghyun twitter update

12.12amkst if the bear and tiger fight who will win? 12.12amkst they won’t fight Credit: realjonghyun90 Translation credit: Forever_SHINee ‘awk’ Via : Forever_SHINee