[TRANS] 121211 Idol, what is required of an ‘Acting-dol’? – Yoochun mentioned

Q: How to secure a casting? For some ‘Top Acting-dols’ such as Park Yoochun, their standard is of “to select which to appear in among all the works offered”. However, many rookie idols would have to go through an audition. Source: Chosun via Naver Translated by: @maettugi Shared by: JYJ3

[TRANS] 121209 Song Ok Suk praises Yoochun: “Park Yoochun, has infinite potential charms… will be hugely successful as an actor.”

Veteran actress Song Ok Suk (52) has high praises for group JYJ’s Park Yoochun whom she works with in MBC TV’s ‘Missing You’. On a recent meeting in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do’s SBS Tanhyun Production Centre, she lauded, “I am usually stingy in giving an assessment for rookie actors, but Yoochun is a little special.” After earlier … Continue reading

[TRANS] 121205 Kim Jaejoong “I wanted to break free from my heavy image”

# The charm of acting? Finding the answers one by one. Compared with the two dramas ‹Protect the Boss› and ‹Dr. Jin›, the result of this movie fell short of expectations. Nevertheless, it broke with precedent and he showed enthusiasm in the interviews. Even though the movie was already released, the media is still looking … Continue reading

[TRANS] 121204 Song JiHyo: “Kim Jaejoong, a friend that I’m thankful for, a stimulus for me”

# Kim Jaejoong, and also JYJ “It always takes me long time to get acquainted with my co-stars. Even if I try hard, it still takes me a long time to open myself up to someone. It’s my weak point. But this was not the case with Jaejoong, which was a big advantage for me. … Continue reading

[Trans] 121207 TVXQ Yunho & Kwon Sang Woo’s First Reading For “Queen Of Ambition” Revealed

Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae displayed their mutual understanding from their first reading for the drama “Queen Of Ambition.” On 7 December, the staff of the new SBS Monday – Tuesday drama “Queen of Ambition” revealed photos for the location of the first script reading held on 6 December. For this script reading which … Continue reading

[Trans] 121203 Star Exclusive Report Part 4: Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin’s Trip Down The Memory Lane‏

Just with a name that is enough to make many fangirls agitated. As a rare sight for an idol group to be welcoming their 10th anniversary, this is the story of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. However in everyone’s eyes, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin were nothing more than being an artiste. This time, … Continue reading

[Trans] 121210 Kyuhyun’s Twitter Update

Kyuhyun: This is Minho haha. Our Kyuhyun hyung’s cake ㅜ touched ㅜ My birthday is so happy haha. Heechul hyung, Kangin hyung, Donghae hyung, Kyuhyun hyung, Changmin hyung, Jonghyun hyung, I love you~~ pic.twitter.com/tLyAwU8K (T/N: Minho used Super Junior Kyuhyun’s Twitter account.) source: GaemGyu trans by: shiningtweets

[Trans] 121210 Actors Of ‘Queen Of Ambition’ Get Together For Their Drama’s Poster

A photo has been released from the ‘Queen of Ambition’ poster photoshoot. Actress Kim Sung Ryeong posted a photo with the caption “SBS Monday-Tuesday drama Queen of Ambition” on her Twitter account on the 10th. In the photo can be seen Go Jun Hui, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, Soo Ae, Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Sung … Continue reading

[Trans] 121210 Hallyu Stars TVXQ Hold An Autograph Event At Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport’s duty-free shopping center AIRSTAR Avenue held a TVXQ autograph event on the 10th at 2pm, inside Incheon Airport’s duty-free section. This autograph event was held as a special winter sale event to give back to shoppers at Incheon Airport’s duty-free section as the airport is now favored to become the airport with the … Continue reading

[TRANS] 121204 Jang Donggun · Park Yoochun · Son Hyunjoo… SBS Drama, Male Actors Activity ↑

The year 2012 had been a year of high activity from the male actors for SBS dramas. Behind popular dramas such as “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, “Rooftop Prince”, “The Chaser”, and “Ghost”, etc, are top male actors who possesses both acting skills and high popularity. These people with their presence as the male lead and acclaimed … Continue reading