[TWITTER] 120530 Yoochun Twitter Update

[TRANS] Park Yoohwan!!!! Fighting!!!! ‘I Can’t Live Without You’ will be aired on MBC, at 8:15pm on weekday.. Please watch it on time!!!! Twa~~~~ah http://yfrog.com/hwml8kyj Source: @6002themicky Translated by: @theyoungestmin Shared By: JYJ3

[NEWS] 120530 Rooftop Prince Debuts in Taiwan with Highest Ratings Among Recent Korean Dramas

The Taiwan GTV series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” broadcasted its 20-minute grand finale at 10pm on May 28th, 2012, and achieved the average viewership rating of 1.8, successfully fight the way out in the highly competitive 10pm variety show slot. After the end of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”, the “Rooftop Prince” … Continue reading

[NEWS] 120530 Veteran actor Kim Eung Soo shows affection for Kim Jaejoong

Kim Eung Soo revealed his affection for his junior colleague Kim Jaejoong. The behind scenes filming of the medical drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ has been featured on the May 30th episode of MBC’s ‘Good Day’. On a paper Kim Eung Soo was holding a sticker had been pasted which read, ‘We root for Kyung Tak(Kim Jaejoong’s character in the drama)’. … Continue reading

[NEWS] 120530 Song Seung Hun, Kim Jae Joong and Lee Bum Soo Are the ′Dr. Jin′ Musketeers

MBC’s Time Slip Dr. Jin has only just begun airing but the cast members are showing they’ve already become quite close. On May 29, Song Seung Hun posted on his me2day saying, “With reliable Bum Soo hyung and cool-guy Jae Joong.” Included was a picture of the three actors in costume and on the set of their Time Slip Dr. … Continue reading

[PREVIEW PIC+INFO] 120530 JYJ Featured in 48 Pages of Asta TV Magazine’s June 2012 Issue, Fifth Anniversary Edition

The magazine will feature Jaejoong in Dr. Jin Press Conference, Junsu/ FC Men, NII Clothing Credit: K-Plaza.com + Asta TV I Shared by: JYJ3

[NEWS] 120530 JYJ’s Yoo Chun is in a deep sleep, “He’s so cute!”

A picture of JYJ’s Yoo Chun in a deep sleep was recently released. On May 30, Yoo Chun uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “Tae Sung and Min Soo, I really had a great time with you. I was really in a deep sleep. Were we that close?” In the picture, … Continue reading

[NEWS] 120529 JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s charismatic eyes

Kim Jae-joong‘s picture has everyone talking about it. In the picture corner of the MBC TV drama “Doctor Jin” homepage, a picture was posted with the title, “Don’t lose a single one!” It was a picture of Kim Jae-joong dressed up as Kim Kyeong-tak in the drama with eyes that look like they’re about to penetrate the … Continue reading

[VIDEO] 120530 Good Day MBC: Jaejoong BTS Interview for Dr. Jin Special

  Credit: JaeF126 Shared By: JYJ3

[TWITTER] 120529 Yoochun Twitter Update (Updated!)

[TRANS] Yoochun to motoro100: Dear ChangJu hyung~ so you have started this*^^ hehehe (T/N: referring to start of using twitter*; Baek ChangJu is CJeS CEO) motoro100 to Yoochun: You’re the last to know…I just came back from meeting and you have ended your work well tooㅎWhat’re you doing Chun-ah Are you doing what we have talked about  lol … Continue reading

[OTHER TWITTER] 120529 Junsu’s Mom tweets pics of gifts from Thai Fans

[TRANS]:These are gifts received from fans in Thailand~^^Idea also really good and pretty and cute well made^^ Though late, I want to thank JYJBox for the gifts^^ ♥ [TRANS]: The rest of the gifts!~~Though not much left after, Junsu and I also already ate a lot… still upload to show thanks Thank you to fans who … Continue reading