[TWITTER] 120426 Junsu Twitter Update

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[PICS] 120328 Junsu – Elisabeth Musical, Part 3 Exclusive: Including KISSING SCENES!!!

[NEWS] 120330 Kim Junsu’s exclusive OST for ‘Elisabeth’ is planned to be released “A special gift for the fans”

Kim Junsu’s popularity is hot even in musical’s world. Live performance OST for the musical ‘Elisabeth’ was released on March 31. On March 20, after the release of 5 songs (Kim Sunyoung’s ‘I belong to me’, Ock Joohyun’s Nothing at all’, Kim Suyong’s ‘Milk’, Choi Minchul’s ‘Kitsch’ and Park Euntae’s ‘Milk’) on many music sites, … Continue reading

[PICS] 120328 Junsu – Elisabeth Musical, Part 2

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[PICS] 120321 Junsu – Elisabeth Musical

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[INFO] ‘Elisabeth’ OST will not include any recordings by Kim Junsu

Summarization of EMK’s notice about the release of “Elisabeth” OST 1. Musical “Elisabeth” OST was released by EMK. The OST includes: – 3 CDs contained total 55 tracks of different versions of songs from the musical, which sung by Kim Sunyoung, Ock Joohyun, Ruy Junghan, Song Changeui, Choi Minchul, Park Euntae, Min Younggi, Jeon Dongsuk, … Continue reading

[HQ PICS] 120220 Junsu “Singles” Magazine March Issue

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[PICS] 120220 Junsu – Singles Magazine March Issue (Updated!)

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[PICS] 120212 Junsu Elisabeth Musical, Part 4

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[FANCAM] 120212 Junsu Elisabeth Musical

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