[TWITTER] 121211 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] Director Tim Burton and Director Lee JaeHan. Tim Burton-nim loves Korea +++ Credits: @bornfreeonekiss, @johnhleefilms Translated by: @126×204 Shared by: JYJ3 Tim Burton is in Korea for promotion of Tim Burton: The Exhibition in Seoul(via @WidM_) Link

[PICS] 121210 New Photos of Kim Jaejoong’s Interviews for Korean Press, Part 14

Credit: Daily Sports World Shared By: JYJ3

[SCANS] Jaejoong in ‘Protect the Boss’ Making DVD

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[TWITTER] 121208 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] When will the snow melt? Credits: @bornfreeonekiss Translated by: @neonoenjena Shared by: JYJ3

[TRANS] 121205 Kim Jaejoong “I wanted to break free from my heavy image”

# The charm of acting? Finding the answers one by one. Compared with the two dramas ‹Protect the Boss› and ‹Dr. Jin›, the result of this movie fell short of expectations. Nevertheless, it broke with precedent and he showed enthusiasm in the interviews. Even though the movie was already released, the media is still looking … Continue reading

[TRANS] 121204 Song JiHyo: “Kim Jaejoong, a friend that I’m thankful for, a stimulus for me”

# Kim Jaejoong, and also JYJ “It always takes me long time to get acquainted with my co-stars. Even if I try hard, it still takes me a long time to open myself up to someone. It’s my weak point. But this was not the case with Jaejoong, which was a big advantage for me. … Continue reading

TWITTER] 121205 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] Today I also run and run~! Credits: @bornfreeonekiss Translated by: theyoungestmin Shared by: JYJ3

[TWITTER] 121204 JaeSu Twitter Update

(Note: 1111 as in when you make a wish at 11:11~ and the time JJ tweeted this, 11:11pm KST) +++ [TRANS] In HK jj-v [TRANS] @1215thexiahtic I get confused sometimes whether you’re a singer or a football player +++ [TRANS] @bornfreeonekiss keke >_< Credits: @bornfreeonekiss + @1215thexiahtic Translated by: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3

[TRANS] 121204 Jisung mentioned Jaejoong in an interview with Cine21

Interview excerpt: [TRANS] Q: Who has the most attractive voice on the phone among your fellow actors? A: Singer Kim Bumsoo? (laugh) I think the voice of Kim Jaejoong, who has filmed with me, is very attractive. I didn’t feel its charm much at first. (laugh) But gradually I got to understand why his voice is loved. The … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 121203 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] It’s the best to exercise on a rainy day^^ Credit: @bornfreeonekiss Translated by: _alovelikewar Shared by: JYJ3