[INTERVIEW] 120921 Park Yoochun Interview with SINA: Solo Activities + JYJ

Sina: How do you feel about coming to Shanghai for your solo stage? What is the difference between performing on your own and in a group? Yoochun: I’ve just realized that it’s been a year and a half since I last came to Shanghai. I have been very busy in Korea and didn’t realize it’s been that … Continue reading

[TRANS] 120919 TVXQ – Vogue Korea October Issue Interview

  TVXQ. It was breathless to read the four letters. I had soon forgotten that the seasons have changed a multiple times while checking when they would comeback. As soon as their comeback was confirmed, it didn’t take half the time for the bear to eat mugwort and garlic to become OongNyeo (This is referring … Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] 120918 JYJ Korea.com Staff Exclusively in Interview with Xia Junsu’s UNCOMMITTED TEAM Automatic and Ebony

Automatic is the president of InRage Entertainment and SONY’s producer. Ebony Rae Cunningham is the vice president of InRage Entertainment. She worked as vocal stylist for “Uncommitted.” Korea.com’s JYJ Fan Club’s staff LeNeha got a chance to interview these two Hollywood celebrities who made Uncommitted possible with Xia Junsu. You already have a band plus … Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] 120916 Park Yuchun Press Conference for ’2012 Park Yuchun Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Bangkok’

On September 16th at 3 pm., Park Yuchun, a member of JYJ who flew to Thailand, held a press conference at the Siam Kempinski Hotel and was ready to be interviewed before a ’2012 Park Yuchun Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Bangkok’ will be held on the evening of the same day at the Royal … Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] 120912 Soul and Style: Kim Junsu’s latest musical collaborators Automatic and Ebony

On September 2, I found myself at the Hollywood Palladium for K-pop sensation Junsu Kim’s concert, invited by music producer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer and vocal director Ebony Rae Cunningham. When Kim performed “Uncommitted,” the track the duo produced for Junsu’s English debut single, the two immediately began jamming to the song and singing along. As … Continue reading

For You In Full Blossom Press Conference: Minho Interview Compilation

Four episodes of the new SBS drama For You In Full Blossom starring Minho and Sulli have aired so far. Minho expressed his disappointment in the low viewership ratings and his regrets because he could have done better. Now he has more determination to try even harder. To him, the outcome was expected because, “There are amazing sunbaenims on … Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] 120813 Kim Eung Soo: “The Eye Expression That JaeJoong Possessed Can Also Be Seen on Stage”

  JYJ3 Note: Kim EungSoo is a veteran and respected Korean Actor. He worked in several movies and TV Dramas link “In my eyes, I can see that Jae Joong possessed the kind of eyes an actor have” Kim Eung So and Kim Jae Joong acted in MBC’s weekend drama, Dr Jin, which ended on 12 Aug. … Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] 120808 The Star: JYJ Kim Jaejoong, “Park Yoochun Getting Married? I’ll Be The First To Break The News”… “I Almost Fly To England When Park Tae Hwan Was Disqualified”

  “Park Yoochun Getting Married? I’ll Be The First To Break The News” (Part 1)‏ “Taking on historical drama without any experience? I think I will 100% be scolded. To be real actor Kim Jaejoong, rather than the safer way, I think it’s alright to challenge a new route.” I recently met up with JYJ member … Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] 120809 Kim Jae Joong Says Young Hwi is More Like His Ideal Type

Kim Jae Joong dished on his ideal type, and it’s not Young Rae of Dr. Jin. The singer-turned-actor, who finished filming for the MBC drama Dr. Jin and is enjoying his time off, recently met with enews and said, “I want to date someone. I don’t want to just date, I want to date someone … Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] 120808 My Daily: Kim Jaejoong “It would be better if I just get scolded”…“I Want to sing on public broadcast”

[Interview] Kim Jaejoong, “It would be better if I just get scolded” (Interview ①) This interview is separated into three portions: Part One is about Jaejoong’s acting, Two being the story about JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Part Three is of Kim Jaejoong as himself. The day of the interview was very hot and humid, to the … Continue reading