[FACEBOOK] 121207 JYJ Official Update – Yoochun’s “Missing You” Fanmeet for Japanese Fans

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[OTHER NEWS] 121021 Style Profile of JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong

We’ve been highlighting some our favorite fashionable idol stars in our Style Profile series, and today, we’re spotlighting JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong effortlessly sleek style. Kim Jae Joong’s style While most of today’s young idol stars seem to be following ‘the brighter and bolder, the better’ mantra, Kim Jae Joong’s style is understatedly cool. Kim Jae Joong … Continue reading

[RANKING] 121015 ‘Love is Like a Snowflake’ by XIA is Selected as #1 Popular Song of the Week by the Netizen at Melon

Nice Guy OST ’Love is Like a Snowflake’ by XIA is Selected as #1 Popular Song of the Week by the Netizen at Melon Credit: @XIAH_Press Shared By: JYJ3

[OTHER TWITTER] 121014 Yoochun on set with a child actor of “I Miss You”

Child actor Anh Dokyu’s mother tweets: [TRANS] Do cleanse your eyes ♥♥ Handsome~ Can only repeatedly say that. Dokyu who can’t even open his eyes wide has received healing in I Miss You, enjoying filming everyday ㅋ~~ Having to see handsome and good people everyday, Dokyu’s face is like a flower~ blooming Source: chonoito Translation by: 暖日呀呀 … Continue reading

[OTHER TWITTER] 121011 Kim Junho Twitter Update – Bowling with his twin!

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[POLL] 121009 Which Celebrity’s Pet is the Most Cuddle-worthy?

Parts unrelated to Jaejoong omitted] Kim Jae Joong’s Jiji JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is known to be an animal lover as well, as he’s the proud owner of one dog, Vick, and two cats, Jiji and Yoyo. And although Kim Jae Joong may not be able to play favorites, we’re spotlighting Jiji (coincidentally the only … Continue reading

[OTHER TWITTER] 121004 Busan City Gov’t on Jaejoong: “He shines from within!!”

[TRANS] [BIFF Report from the Scene] Suzy, Han Ga-In, Lee Byung Hun, Kim JaeJoong. Able to see so many actors/actresses at the same event. TT TT T/N: One of the replies to this was: “Kim Jaejoong is so handsome!” @BusanCityGovt responded: [TRANS] He’s not human!He shines from within!!! Source: BusanCityGovt English Translation By: Mandragore of JYJ3 Korean to Chinese … Continue reading

[OTHER TWITTER] 120922 Photoshoot Staff tweets about Yoochun’s dog and JYJ photoshoot

[TRANS] (@tinkerbell_0610) Oh PD-nim went to a wedding ceremony, Yoochun oppa unexpectedly brought his dog Haru to the filming site pic.twitter.com/u8vgi19z (@FAN) @tinkerbell_0610 is it Tony Moly? Kekeke (@tinkerbell_0610) @FAN nope nope keke not Tony Moly +++ T/N: the Brownie dog plushie that Jaejoong tweeted about can also be seen in the Haru photo, with the same red background. Fans … Continue reading

[PRESS RELEASE] 120921 SH Entertainment: Kim Jaejoong 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta on 3rd November 2012

Jakarta – Following his fellow member JYJ Kim Junsu that had his solo concert in last June and JYJ Park Yoochun’s short visit for photo shoot in Bali, now it is the time for the oldest member of JYJ-Kim Jaejoong to take his first step in Indonesia. Through their official website on September 20th 2012, CJes … Continue reading

[OTHER TWITTER]120920 Junsu’ Mom Twitter Update

[TRANS] Kya~~~ The song is good!^^ Our Junsu’s fans will like it^^ Credit : zunoxiahmom Translated by : ohmjyjunsu Shared by : JYJ3