NEWS] 121210 JYJ′s Kim Junsu Wraps Up a Successful Year

The year of 2012 means a lot for JYJ′s Kim Junsu. It was a year in which his feats as a member of his group and as a solo singer both prospered.


This year he released his first solo album, successfully led a world tour with his name on it and as a musical actor, won the Best Actor Award.

While his fellow JYJ members Park Yoo Chun and Kim Jae Joong took on acting, Kim Junsu led a successful career as a singer despite his inability to appear on TV to perform.

In a meeting with enews at Germany, his last destination in his world tour, Kim Junsu said he had felt “half scared, half excited” about the decision to release his first solo album. It was a big challenge for him to release a full-length album in such difficult conditions.

His concerns, however, turned out to be for nothing. His first album Tarantallegra managed to receive favorable reviews thanks to the variety of online marketing methods and his strong fan base. He even managed to draw up his courage to launch a world tour alone.

The tour first started off as an Asia tour in six countries. He first set sail with a total of 35,000 people, gathered across Seoul, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. He then traveled to New York on August 30 and then went through the Americas, dropping by at L.A., Mexico, Brazil and Chile. Finally on November 30, he topped off with a concert in Germany, and finished the tour that had drawn 53,800 people in total across four continents in 12 cities.

Thanks to his great feats overseas, on December 7, he won an award from international press for spreading awareness of Korea.


Kim Junsu even boasted a strong showing on various charts. Tarantallegra ranked no. 10 on the Billboard World Albums Chart and no. 1 on iTunes Japan and Yinyuetai.

Like he said himself, 2012 was “a meaningful year” for Kim Junsu. It was a year in which he confirmed his status as a leader of K-Pop.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment
Source: enewsWorld
Shared by: JYJ3

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