[Trans] 121203 Star Exclusive Report Part 4: Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin’s Trip Down The Memory Lane‏

Just with a name that is enough to make many fangirls agitated. As a rare sight for an idol group to be welcoming their 10th anniversary, this is the story of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin.

However in everyone’s eyes, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin were nothing more than being an artiste. This time, through Star Exclusive Report, we meet up with the normal Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin and talked about how they managed to go through the stages and performances. Not with the perceptions of readers or media but with their own feelings and thoughts, exploring the sights in the world and discover new meanings.

This time for the fourth part of NAVER Star Exclusive Report, we will not be presenting the loud TVXQ that was shown on stage but the simple and innocent childhood of Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin, and their fresh faces during debut.

Hi everyone, I’m Jung Yunho. Do you know which kid is this at first sight? That’s my childhood photo. This was when I went on a field trip and was eating during my kindergarden days. My look where my mouth was filled with food and was drinking was cute right? Keke. I personally think that my white long socks are really extraordinary.

I have been exercising since I was young and my first sport was Taekwondo. Following my father who has a belt, I pestered him saying that I wanted to learn Taekwondo. This was my first time wearing the Taekwondo uniform, doing a spin-kick. It really seems to be the time when I just started learning Taekwondo. Though the white belt is a bit embarrassing, this was a huge memory for me back then. ^^

This was when I went on a holiday with my family and I took this photo with my sister on a stairway somewhere while holding on to the candy floss. Compared to my sister who looked shy at the camera, I was totally in a handsome pose! Keke, I smiled looking at this photo now. ^^

Hi everyone, I am Max Changmin, revealing my childhood photos this time. Erm… I can’t really remember much about this photo but it was during my childhood time when I drove on a children’s car displaying a ‘V’. This bright look is cute right?

This was taken when i was in primary three when I went on a holiday with my family, taking this photo with my sisters. My cute sisters who have been supporting me steadily! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. I love you all ^^

This third photo was taken during my first year in middle school. It was not long after my admission thus my hair was rather short~ but the expression is really a bright smile. ^^ My smiling look and the looks at that time were the same right?

This time it’s when I grew up suddenly and it’s the looks when I just debuted. This was at the filming site in 2005 for a school uniform CF. The shining eyes and the naive looks, can you feel the newcomer’s fresh feeling? After looking at this photo, I have a new feeling too.

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I included a CF’s photo too. Though it was not much of a difference with my looks now… keke but after I looked at this photo, I remembered the fact that it’s been 9 years since my debut in high school days till now. I looked suitable in a chef outfit too right? keke

My looks during the return with ‘Balloons’ after the 3rd album in 2007~ Due to ‘O’ Jung Ban Hap’, we displayed a strong performance; In order for ‘Balloons’ to be shared by every generation and for everyone to feel closer, I remembered the days I wore animal outfits and was busy with activities earnestly. The Tigger on my shoulder, you have worked hard! keke

This was from an album. Though we were busy with domestic and international activities, this was the time where we had a lot of year end activities and chartered flight was used for convenience. Different from me who was smiling, Yunho hyung’s expression was really filled with leader’s charm right? ^^ Especially upon thinking of our fans who are around loving us, we are able to continue the schedules and even though we were exhausted, we felt really happy. keke. Right now, we are going to begin our world tour and we will be able to meet fans at many places right? We will go there soon, so please wait~

This is a photo from the repackage album ‘Humanoids’~ It was shot with a natural theme, how was it? Unknowingly, TVXQ is a group that debuted 9 years ago. In order to present good music and stage for everyone, TVXQ will work hard and diligently grow up. Please do give us your love and support. ^^

source: news.naver
credit: loveissammi
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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