[NEWS] 121203 JYJ’s Yoo Chun successfully holds a fan meeting for his Japanese fans


JYJ’s Yoo Chun recently held a fan meeting for his Japanese fans.

On December 2, Yoo Chun held a fan meeting for his Japanese fans. He talked about things happened during the shooting of MBC TV’s drama series Missing You and sang a part of “Magic Castle” at the meeting.

He also held some events for his fans, taking pictures with them.

A spokesperson for Yoo Chun says, “Lots of fans are supporting Yoo Chun and his drama series. He showed some of the scenes from the series at the meeting, but they seem to know them already. It seems like they’ve been watching the series. Some of his fans even came to the set, collected some money, and gave the crew some snacks and things to drink as gifts.”

Only 1,200 people could attend the meeting, but people who applied for the meeting were nearly three times more than the number allowed.

Yoo Chun says, “I appreciate the fans for coming here to see me despite the cold weather. I had a great time with them, holding some special events for them. I was also surprised by the fact that they’re already watching my drama series. I’ll do my utmost for the rest of the series. Please give me your interest and support.”

Source: Xportsnews
Credit: en.Korea

[NEWS] 121203 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Melts the Cold Away for Japanese Fans in Special Fanmeeting

Currently in the middle of shooting his drama, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun set aside a special time to meet with fans from Japan.


On December 2, Park Yoo Chun met with 1200 Japanese fans in a hall at Yonsei University. It was said that although the event was only scheduled for 1200 people, a group of 3000 appeared, once again proving Park Yoo Chun’s popularity.

During the fanmeeting, he introduced his current KBS MBC drama I Miss You and briefly talked about his character and plot. He even sang a bit of Magic Castle, his character Han Jung Woo’s favorite song in the drama.


Following the drama’s theme, Park Yoo Chun gave out clothespins and yellow umbrellas as prizes for his fans.

While showing the clips from the drama, the fans seemed to already know the story, surprising Park Yoo Chun that the Japanese fans watch the original broadcast without subtitles.


“I want to thank all the fans who came to visit me despite the cold weather. It was a very special event that I enjoyed,” said Park Yoo Chun on the event. “I was really surprised that the fans react so quickly [to the drama’s original broadcast]. I’ll do my best in the remaining filming, so please continue to show interest and support.”

Kim So Hyun, the child actor of I Miss You also made a surprise guest appearance at the fanmeeting.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment
Source: enewWorld

[NEWS] 121203 JYJ Park Yu-Cheon had a special meet with 3,000 Japanese fans

JYJ Park Yu-Cheon had a special time with his Japanese.

Park Yu-Cheon got an ovation from his fans as he introduced his character Han Jeong-Woo in the drama ‘I Miss You’ and episodes and sang a part of the song, ‘Magic Castle’, which was used in the drama at his fan meeting that was held at the Auditorium of Yeonse University on 2nd. He also gave special memories in an event for the fans while using a yellow umbrella and a clothes peg that are important items in the drama and taking photos together with the fans while wearing couple winter items.

An official of the meeting said that, “The attention of the fans for Park Yu-Cheon and the drama was amazing. While the best scenes of the drama were played, the fans knew all the reactions in the scenes. At a shooting locus that the fans visited before the fan meeting, they collected some amount of money voluntarily to present snacks and drinks for staffs of the drama.”

The meeting proved the popularity of Park Yu-Cheon and ‘I Miss You’ since there were nearly 3 times of applicants was gathered to the meeting, which was planned to have 1,200 fans. Park Yu-Cheon said that, “I appreciate for my fans who visited here for me in spite of cold weather. I enjoyed the time with these special events with you. I was very surprised with the real-time reaction to the drama. Please have many supports and attention for the drama while I try my hard for the shooting.”

Meanwhile, ‘I Miss You’ of MBC that Park Yu-Cheon is appearing is on TV at 9:55PM on every Wednesday and Thursday.

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