[NEWS] 121202 Junsu Successfully Concludes World Tour in Germany


From his singing to his dancing, everything about XIA Junsu enchanted people in Germany.

In a total of 12 different cities, Junsu performed 13 times in front approximately 53,800 people for the world tour. The finale of the world tour took place at the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany on the 30th of November. It is Junsu’s second time performing in Germany after JYJ’s performance in Berlin. It was the first time an Asian performer appeared at the location.

World-famous bands like Korn, Motor Head, Stone Sour and Caliban have performed at the Turbinenhalle prior to Junsu’s appearance.


The chilling cold was unnoticed by 1,800 fans who heated up the building. The fans showed up at the location hours before the start of the concert and danced along to Junsu’s music and compared their hand-made posters while waiting to enter.

When the concert finally began, all of the fans stood up from their seats and began to dance along. Junsu showed his gratitude for his fans by placing all of his energy into his performances.

During the concert, Junsu performed a total of 17 songs, 11 songs from his official first album and songs from musicals. The concert began with “Breath”, followed by “No Gain”, “Lullaby”, “Intoxication”, “Set Me Free” and more.

The English single Uncommitted was also a special gift. Another song included, “You are so Beautiful”, an OST from a drama as well as songs like, “Last Dance” from the musical “Elizabeth” and more.

For 2 hours, Junsu showed off everything he learned from touring the world on his own and left a lasting impression to the people in the audience. With his strong vocals and sexy dance moves, people just couldn’t get enough.


When his title song “Tarantallegra” began to play, the crowd went wild with outbursts of screams and danced along with him throughout the whole song.

There was a special moment in the middle of the concert where Junsu gave his fans three wishes. One 18-year-old fan from Turkey wished to dance on stage with Junsu. The young fan revealed that he had learned the moves to “Tarantallegra” by watching a video online and was unable to hide his excitement. Junsu was also very grateful for the fan who had learned all of his choreography.

Even after the concert had ended, fans continued to applaud and didn’t want to leave the building. Junsu even went down from the stage to bow to his fans to show his gratitude.

When he completed his concert, Junsu stated, “Thank you for the fans who came from all over the world to see my concert. You have shown me hope and allowed me to start another dream. I will cherish all the applause and tears I have received from 12 different cities and make sure to repay all of you.”

It was a moment that made everybody curious about how far Junsu will be able to go in the future.

Meanwhile, Junsu released his first official solo album Tarantallegra last May and began to travel to cities in places like Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Mexico and more.

Credit: KpopStarz

[NEWS] 121203 Kim Jun-su ends solo tour in Germany

JYJ member Kim Jun-su wrapped up his first solo world tour with a concert Friday in Germany, C-JeS Entertainment, the agency of the three-man K-pop group, said. Starting with “Breath,” he performed 17 songs during two hours or so at the concert held at Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, the agency said.

About 1,800 people attended, lifting the total number of fans at his world tour concerts to about 53,800, the agency said. The six-month-long tour featured 13 concerts in 12 cities in Asia, North America, South America and Europe. It was the first solo world tour for the 25-year-old singer, who has performed with JYJ since the trio left TVXQ. He released his first solo album in May and launched the world tour starting with two Seoul concerts the same month. His concert in Mexico in September was first ever in that country by a Korean singer. He also performed in Brazil and Chile, the first solo concerts by a Korean in South America. “Releasing the solo album itself was an adventure for me,” Kim said in a release by the agency. He plans a ballad concert with an orchestra at Coex, southern Seoul on Dec. 29-31.

Credit: Korea Joong Daily
Shared by: JYJ3

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