[NEWS] SM Entertainment deals with ticket scalping issues for TVXQ’s concert

TVXQ’s upcoming concert in South Korea is dealing with a rampant scalpers issue. Set to be coming back to the big stage, TVXQ made headlines after selling 20,000 tickets just minutes after they were released. The concert gained huge interest from their fans as this will be TVXQ’s first concert after four years.

It was noted that there has been an increase in scalping of tickets and found out that the regular ticket price of 80,000 won is being sold for 800,000 won. It was revealed that it was hard to deal with these types of scalping as transactions were done through mobile chatting applications.

SM Entertainment confined today that they were able to find out these negotiations via mobile chatting applications but stated that they find the situation difficult to tackle. Instead, they sent out warnings and have attended to a number of concert goers affected by the scalping.

TVXQ is revealed to be rehearsing hard for their concert and promised fans for a top performance. The concert series will kick start in Seoul, South Korea on November 17th and 18th, followed by China, Thailand and other Asian countries.

Source: OSEN
Credits: Koreaboo
Shared by: DBSKnights

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