[INFO] “TVXQ Thank You Everyone!”

[From. U-Know]

Hello. This is U-Know Yunho
It was really encouraging to see so many people come watch our rehearsal for our first appearance at The Music Trend and cheering us on until the end~^^*

I wanted to express my appreciation to all those who stayed until late at night to cheer us on.
But everything was so hectic at the time and I felt as if I wasn’t able to properly thank you guys. I felt really sorry about this and that is why I’m writing you guys now.
We are just starting now, so stay with us to the end!!!^^

Thank you!!!!

[From. MAX]

Hi, this is Max Changmin!
Thank you for waiting for us until the end and cheering us on~

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to thank you guys and say bye after the show…….
Everything was so busy so I couldn’t even properly say bye to you guys…..

I hope everyone got home safe! ^__^

This is just the beginning.
We will do our best so please keep on encouraging and rooting for us!!!!!!!!!!

Credits: ContinueTVXQ.com + FuckYeahTohoshinki at Tumblr
 Shared by: DBSKnights

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