[NEWS] 121109 Song Ji-Hyo, cheering Park Yu-Cheon up “The poster of ‘I Miss You’ is cool”

Actress Song Ji-Hyo cheered Park Yu-Cheon of JYJ who is in the same agency with her.

On her official Facebook, she posted a photograph of herself in front of a poster of ‘I Miss You’ of MBC that Park Yu-Cheon is appearing as the main character.

Song Ji-Hyo said, “Yu-Cheon, thank you for being there yesterday. The poster of ‘I Miss You’ is cool! Go, Yu-Cheon!” with the photograph.

Park Yu-Cheon attended the VIP premier of the movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ that Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jae-Joong are appearing on 8th. It’s said that Song Ji-Hyo took the photograph while she was at MBC radio station for promotions of ‘Jackal Is Coming’ on 9th.

‘I Miss You’ has been broadcasted for 2 episodes, and Park Yu-Cheon announced a strong appearance with his noticing acting at the end of the 2nd episode.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jae-Joong’s movie, ‘Jackal Is Coming’ is waiting for the release on 15th.

Source: innolife.co.kr

[NEWS] 121110 Song Ji Hyo promotes Park Yoo Chun’s new drama ‘Missing You’

Actress Song Ji Hyo updated her facebook page on 9th November, saying “Yuchun, thank you for coming to my premiere yesterday! Great photo of you! Go, Yuchun!” with a photo of herself posing in front of a poster from drama ‘Missing You’.

According to her update, she visited MBC radio station to promote “Jakal is Coming” and took a picture with Yuchun’s poster in the lift immediately upon seeing it.

‘Missing You’ started airing on 7th November, it has received good responses from the audience due to the excellent acting of the child actors. Park Yoo Chun’s first appearance was in episode 2, although it was a short appearance but he has already left a good impression.

In the meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo and JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s movie ‘Jackal is Coming’ will be in cinema from 15th November onwards.

Source: en.Korea

[NEWS] 121110 Song Ji Hyo Cheers on JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and ‘I Miss You’

Providing support for her label mate, Song Ji Hyo cheered on JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun and his new MBC drama I Miss You.

On November 9, Song Ji Hyo’s official Facebook uploaded a picture of the actress, happily posing in front of a poster for I Miss You.

The description explained that Song Ji Hyo visited the MBC station to promote her new movie The Jackal is Coming, when she saw the I Miss You poster and had to take a picture of it.

Song Ji Hyo said, “Yoo Chun! Thank you for coming yesterday and the I Miss You poster is great! Fighting!”

Park Yoo Chun, along with Kim Junsu, came to the special VIP screening of Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jae Joong’s new movie The Jackal is Coming on November 8.

The Jackal is Coming will premiere on November 15.

Photo Credit: Song Ji Hyo’s Facebook
Source: enewsWorld
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