[NEWS] 121108 Kim Jae Joong’s 1st Fanmeet in Jakarta

Despite his doctor’s advice not to travel, JYJ Jaejoong showed his persistency to continue his journey to Jakarta, Indonesia, for his first ever fanmeet in the country on 3 November 2012. However, due to his well-being getting worse, press conference was held without his appearance and the fanmeet where interactions and songs should be sung, was also not done.
Monica Ohm from SH Entertainment explained his situation that “his health condition was not good. The doctor in the hospital had adviced him to rest. But he persisted to come to Indonesia to continue with his fanmeet because he wanted to meet all his fans who had waited for him for a long time.”

Thus, the event was marked as a special day for Indonesian Cassiopeias and Kim JaeJoong’s fans alike as it was the day they would finally meet the man at MEIS, Mata Elang International Stadium after a year’s long wait. He is the second member of JYJ to hold individual activities in Jakarta after Kim Junsu’s Tarantallegra concert tour in June.

Little did fans know, the fanmeeting was close to being cancelled after JaeJoong was warded into the Emergency ward a day ago due to his cold. His condition left him unable to speak and the doctor’s advice was to rest completely for 2 to 3 days. Despite so, JaeJoong braved his illness and insisted on proceeding with the fanmeeting so as not to disappoint the fans.The seriousness of his condition was only realized after his failure to appear at the press conference with the media. As JaeJoong was unable to speak and sing, a Hi-5 and Photo Event will be conducted to commemorate the event, “a first in the history of JYJ” overseas activities according to the promoter.

“It’s Okay; We will protect you!” Cheered the fans in Korean, after about an hour’s delay to the fanmeet and the star appearing on stage, bringing a handwritten letter he wrote and was read by the translator.

The JYJ member then communicated with his fans in a quirky way of typing his replies on the iPad in response to the questions targeted at him. Newer fans who probably know JaeJoong from his slew of dramas were entertained by the screening of the few iconic scenes from his past dramas which ended up in shreks of envy and support. The silent fanmeeting was filled with warmth and laughters as JaeJoong gave sincere and at times dorky answers to the questions asked by the MC.When the time came for JaeJoong to sing, the MC smartly asked the fans to sing the song for him instead. It was an emotional moment indeed as the melodious voice of fans reverberated off the walls as they sang “I will protect you” for the man who definitely needed every protection and strength to fight his current poor health condition.

Fans in attendance were definitely in for a treat when a rare Hi-5 and photo session was conducted to commemorate the fanmeeting. 4000 fans hailing from all around the world, such as Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, and from Indonesia itself lined up in anticipation as it was the first time for many to be in such close proximity with the singer. Screams from the crowds erupted again, signalling that JaeJoong had re-emerged on stage after the change of clothes.

Kim JaeJoong’s perseverance and love for his fans could be felt by fans and staffs alike, gaining much respect from anyone who was present at the fanmeeting. Though battling with high fever and fatigue, he would push himself forward so as not disappoint the fans who have waited for him. His passion and humble actions definitely made any fan proud to be called his fans. It was finally clear to why Kim Jaejoong is a person loved and respected by many. Everyone wished him for the very best to take care and rest well as the fanmeet ended that night, and all fans left in happiness as the special memory made with their photo taken together.

Source: en.Korea
Shared by: JYJ3

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