[NEWS] 121108 Indonesia Media reports Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Jakarta, Indonesia

[NEWS] 121106 Love Message from Jaejoong to Indonesian Fans

‘Fans is my sources of happiness’ said jaejoong
Lutfi Dwi Puji Astuti, Heryu Nandiasa

VIVAlife– A long wait from a loyal fans of Kim Jaejoong in Indonesia, paid of. On 3 November, the singer and actor is fulfilling his promise to meet directly with the fans on the series of fan meeting Tour in Asia.

Indonesia became the third stop after China and Thailand. Unlike his previous fan meeting, this time Kim jaejoong just doing a group photo session and shook hand with all the fans who attendance.

Due to a less healthy condition, Jaejoong by Monica Ohm of SH Entertainment revealed an apology, because he can not sing and perform also to meet the media.

“Prior to Indonesia, Kim Jaejoong was not feeling well, so it must be examined hospital in Korea. Doctors advised him to rest. However, Jaejoong himself want to met the fans who stay in Indonesia, “said Monica through messages sent via email.

Although Jaejoong could not make a sound at all, he still wanted to meet directly with fans who look forward to it. Group photo session and even shake a request from Jaejoong himself, who wants to make wonderful memories with fans.

Before the Fan meeting event, (it) starts by reading a letter of apology from Jaejoong by the host. Jaejoong wrote this letter to express (his) remorse, because he can not talk, laugh, and sing for the fans.

He was grateful for all the support from fans Indonesia, although it is quite far away from Korea. Jaejoong was hoping to experience a fun time with the fans. Via email that he sent to VIVAlife, Jaejoong also sent a message of his love and express his gratitude to all his fans in Indonesia.

“I am always grateful to you. Fans is the source of my happiness. This was my first visit to Indonesia. Thank you for having welcomed me warmly,” Jaejoong said.

In the fan meeting some time ago, Jaejoong communicate in writing. He answered the questions that asked by the host. The conversation session which look casual was discussing about an exciting stories and favorite scenes from the drama “Protect the Boss”, “Dr. Jin” and the movie “The Jackal is Coming” which starred by Jaejoong.

Indonesia gets special treatment, because this is the first time the video from behind the scenes “Jackal is Coming” aired, even before it aired in Korea.

Although unable to speak at all, Jaejoong performed with full expression, so that the audience can understand his point. The talk show session was concluded with the fans who sang “Living Like A Dream”, the theme song from drama “Dr. Jin” which starred by Jaejoong together.

The most eagerly anticipated session is a group photo session. About 4,000 people stodge in Mata Elang International Stadium,Ancol, Jakarta was waiting patiently for a chance to go onstage. Even going back and forth on the stage, Jaejoong kept smiling and looking directly at each fans.

He made sure every fans can feel closer to him. After the show, every fans also get a gift a candy and posters of Kim Jaejoong.

Although many were hoping to hear his melodious sound, a lot of fans Jaejoong praised the spirit and (his) determination to keep his promise to fans, regardless of his own health.

This fan meeting marks the first visit Jaejoong in Indonesia, and made history as the first solo fan meeting of Jaejoong with a group photos and shook hands with all the attendance. (Art)

Source: Viva Life
Translated by: Miya of JYJ3

[NEWS] 121104 A Silent and Calm Fan Meeting With Kim Jaejoong

Kim Jaejoong 1st Fanmeeting In Jakarta’, successfully held on Saturday (03/11) yesterday. As is known previously that one of JYJ’s members feels ill flu and severe sore throat.

This causes him unable to speak at all during the fanmeeting event.

The event Fan meeting officially began at 19:58 the presence of Kim Jaejoong instantly makes MEIS reverberating on Saturday night.

Jaejoong’s minimal smiles is reflects that his health condition being worsened since several days ago.

In that ‘silent’ event, Jaejoong who can not afford any voice, has prepared an apology letter to the fans. The letter was then read by the interpreter.

The essence of that long letter is Jaejoong personally say sorry to the fans who had come to meet him. Regrets about his condition, Jaejoong was deeply looking forward to the fan meeting in Jakarta.

He really love the fans who have support him till now. And last, Jaejoong was very happy to meet with fans in Indonesia because of the support and tremendous enthusiasm.

This is one more proof that artist’s upbringing C-JES Entertainment is upholds the meaning of professionalism.

Jaejoong who can not speak, use the iPad to write the words, aided by an interpreter, in charge of reading the words that typed by Jaejoong.

There are a special event on fanmeeting Kim Jaejoong in MEIS Saturday (03/11) yesterday, namely, video screening of the trailer as well as behind the scenes for the latest movies from Jaejoong, Jackal is Coming.

When asked about the similarities between the character that played by him in the new movie, Jaejoong replied with a text,

“I’m not really a top star, but in this film I became a top star who favored by fans,” wrote Jaejoong.

“But the equation is, me and him equally cute,” he wrote again causing laughter from the audience.

Expressing his sadness (because) not able to communicate directly with the audience, Kim Jaejoong wrote

“I want to speak directly to the fans, but I can not,” he wrote.

The host discusses Jaejoong’s presence in the prestigious event ‘Busan International Film Festival’ some time ago. In the grand event, Jaejoong comes along with Song Ji Hyo, the co-actress of Jaejoong on Jackal is Coming.

Asked his impressions can be present in those prestigious event, Jaejoong immediately typed text on his IPad,

“To be honest I was very nervous. Though I’m better known as a singer, but I was very nervous as an actor who attended the ceremony,” Jaejoong wrote with a straight face.

The event continues with a screenings footage of two drama which starred by this artist who have an affectionate to cat, Time Slip Dr. Jin and Protect The Boss. The video screening which made by fans for encouraging Jaejoong and accompanied by a song “Living Like a Dream ‘, the theme song from drama Protect The Boss[N/ : the reporter mistaken ‘living like a dream’ as Protect the Boss OST ] .

As promised by the promoters, to heal disappointment related to Jaejoong who can not speak, then all fans from all categories of tickets attendance will be photographed together and at the same time shake or a high five with Jaejoong.

Source: boleh.com
Translated by: Miya of JYJ3

[NEWS] 121104 Without Voice, Kim Jaejoong Entertain Fans

Korean star Kim Jaejoong (center) when he appeared on Kim Jae Joong Fanmeeting in Jakarta 2012 event in MEIS Ancol, Jakarta,Saturday (03/11) night. Kim Jae Joong Fanmeeting in Jakarta 2012 is a Fan Meeting event for this JYJ’s member with his fans in Jakarta (ANTARA/Pey Hardi Subiantoro)

“sad because i only can sit.”

Jakarta (ANTARA NEWS)- The condition of the body that is not prime apparently did not deter Kim Jaejoong desire to greet thousands of fans in Mata Elang International Stadium (Meis) Ancol on Saturday night.

Apparently,this JYJ’s member was experienced disturbances in his throat so it can not produce sound at all.

SH Entertainment Director Monica Ohm said Jaejoong was in the hospital before coming to Indonesia. But he had no intention to canceling his first visit to Jakarta for his fans. Because of his condition, he was unable to attend the press conference which hold shortly before the event.

He also opened the show that night with a letter to the fans who had thronged MEIS, which was read in Korean. In the letter, Jaejoong claimed already have prepared the best for his performance that night, but his condition was not possible.

He also apologized for the condition of his health is not good and promise would give the best for the fans.

This fan meeting was continued with a question and answer session by Jaejoong and host Ichsan Akbar. Since it is impossible to communicate directly, Jaejoong was typing answers to all questions asked by typing on a computer tablet.

Kim Jaejoong also expressed his envious against the host because he can talk directly to the audience, while he can not.

“Sad because I can just sit down,” he said through his interpreter. He also fears disappointing his fans because not being able to address them directly.

During the fanmeeting, Jaejoong look calm even when it he had a fever. He also answered all questions which asked by the host through the white gadget that he brings.

Occasionally, he throws a smile at the question which translated into the Korean language by an interpreter. Every smile from the idol greeted by excited shouts from the fans who mostly women.

“Protect our prince,” cried the fans.

In this fanmeeting, Jaejoong discuss many things about his latest movie “Jackal Is Coming”. In the movie, a man who born in 1986, was acting as Choi Hyun, a popular singer who was kidnapped. He claimed to accept the role because he wanted to always try new things.

“But, perhaps because we were both cute,” he was immediately greeted by excited fans.

Do not forget, Jaejoong also discuss about love in this fanmeeting. Jaejoong, who claimed not to believe at first glance, said he had never been involved in romance with the actress.

“Ever once fell in love with the staff because she makes me happy,” said Kim Jaejoong honestly.

Kim Jaejoong did not move much that night. Mostly he sat quietly and occasionally flashes a smile to his fans.

“Saranghae Kim Jaejoong,” shouted the fans occasionally.

Singing event was canceled due to his health condition. Instead, the fans sang together “Living Like A Dream” which became the soundtrack of a television series that his starred, “Time Slip Dr.. Jin”.

The fans, while looking at the lyrics of the song that appears on the screen, sang rhythmic ballad song with waving a light stick, mostly red.

Jaejoong, who was wearing a long white shirt paired with a yellow sweater and patterned black listened calmly of the fans who sang a song for him and hoped the recovery of their idol .

Kim Jaejoong was bowed as a sign of gratitude for the prayers.

Photos and High-Five

As an apology for his health, Kim Jaejoong gave a peak event that makes his fans to tears.

He gave a chance for every fan, both of the class elephant, bear, puppy, and dolphin, for a high five, high five, face to face. Before the photo session, Kim Jaejoong changed into a long white shirt and black vest

He did a high-five one by one with his fans on stage. Before the high-five begin, the attendances were divided into groups containing 40 people who were given the opportunity to take pictures with Jaejoong. The fans are arranged in two rows, front seat back while standing, and the idol sitting in the front center. (NTA)

Editor: B Kunto Wibisono

Source: antaranews
Translated by: Miya of JYJ3


[NEWS] 121105 Guess what?: Kim Jae-joong stuns fans despite illness

Mon, November 05 2012

Singer-composer-actor Kim Jae-joong of the famous JYJ group high-fived around 3,000 fans attending his first fan meeting in Jakarta at Mata Elang International Stadium in Ancol, North Jakarta, to make up for his poor health due to a severe sore throat.

Looking pale and feverish, Kim, who was unable to speak a single word during the fan meeting, communicated with his fans by typing on an iPad. “This is the first time I’m having a fan meeting in Indonesia, yet it turns out I cannot speak… I suddenly lost my voice before coming here… I should have been talking a lot, crying, laughing and singing for you all,” said the 26-year-old in his letter.

Apart from the rare opportunity to high-five Kim, fans were given the chance for group photo sessions after the one-hour talk in which Kim featured his latest movie Jackal is Coming, which will officially be released on Nov. 15.

Prior to flying to Jakarta, Kim had been in the hospital. He was even admitted to a hospital in Jakarta upon his arrival.

Kim made his name as a part of the famous DBSK group in 2003. In mid-2009, the group split into two: DBSK (Jung Yun-ho and Shim Chang-min) and JYJ comprising Kim, Kim Jun-su and Park Yoo-chun. Kim is also famous for his roles in the Japanese TV series Sunao ni Narenakute (2010) and the Korean TV dramas Protect the Boss (2011) and Time Slip Dr. Jin (2012).

Source: ThejakartaPost
Shared by: JYJ3

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