NEWS] 121108 Film Jackal is Coming, starring JYJ’s Jae Joong, is sold to six countries

Film Jackal is Coming has recently been sold to six countries, including Japan and Thailand.

On November 8, Lotte Entertainment reported that film Jackal is Coming has been sold to Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei before its release in Korea.

The biggest reason for the overseas sales of the film is that it stars JYJ’s Jae Joong, who is popular in Asia, South America, and Europe, and Song Ji Hyo, who is popular for her regular appearance on SBS TV’s Running Man.

The Japanese distribution company of the film says, “Jae Joong is one of the most popular Korean singers in Japan. We’re expecting that the film will become a box office hit because he’s a good actor and he appears as a top celebrity in the film.”

Jackal is Coming is a film about things happening after legendary killer Bong Min Jung (played by Song Ji Hyo) receives a request to kill top celebrity Choi Hyun (played by Jae Joong). It will be released on November 15.

Source: Starnews

[NEWS] 121108 Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jae Joong’s ‘The Jackal is Coming’ Sold to Six Countries

Despite the fact that The Jackal is Coming has yet to premiere, the movie is already proving to be an in-demand one abroad.

The movie’s distributor, Lotte Entertainment, revealed on November 8 that the movie had already been sold to six different countries – Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

The export agreement, made even before the movie’s release, is said to be largely in due to the popularity of Kim Jae Joong from both his solo and group activities with JYJ as well as Song Ji Hyo’s growing recognition from the popular SBS variety show, Running Man.

Many overseas distributors also commented interest is high in the movie as it marks Kim Jae Joong’s first starring role in a major motion picture.

The Jackal is Coming premieres in Korea on November 15.

Photo Credit: Lotte Entertainment
Source: enewsWorld
Shared by: JYJ3

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