[NEWS] 121106 JYJ Kim Junsu and FC Men to Shower 1111 Fans with Pepero on 11/11

Note: Pepero is a cookie stick, dipped in chocolate syrup (or other flavors)
Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine’s Day. It is named after the Korean snack Pepero and held on November 11, since the date “11/11″ resembles four sticks of Pepero. (Cr. Wikipedia)

Pepero Day is closely approaching and JYJ’s Kim Junsu has a special event for fans on that day.


During a FC Men’s soccer game on November 11, Kim Junsu, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Wan, and other players on the FC Men’s team, will be passing out Pepero (cookie sticks dipped in chocolate) to 1111 fans at the gates of the W, E, and N sections.

Also, Kim Junsu will be putting on a special event during halftime to celebrate Kim Junsu’s recent Best Actor Award at the 18th Korea Musical Awards.

Students, who finished the college scholastics ability tests on November 8, can also use their test IDs to enter the game for free.

Photo Credit: Suwon Samsung
Credit: enewsworld
Shared By: JYJ3

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