[NEWS] 121102 JYJ’s Jae Joong and Kim Ji Won kiss passionately

The passionate kissing scene of JYJ’s Jae Joong and actress Kim Ji Won is currently attracting a lot of attention.

On November 2, a spokesperson for singer Baek Seung Heon released a teaser of the music video of “Until The Sun Rises,” Baek’s debut song. In the teaser, the kissing scene comes out. In some snapshots of the music video, Jae Joong is kissing Kim passionately.

Kim has received a lot of attention in the commercial for Oran C, which she shot in May, 2010, when she was a high school student. She has become popular in MBC TV’s sitcom series High Kick 3, The Short Legs Counterattack, SBS TV’s drama series To The Beautiful You, and the film Romantic Heaven.

“Until The Sun Rises,” Baek’s debut song, is written by Beom Yi Nang, who also wrote Heo Gak’s “I Can Only Say I Want To Die.” It’s a medium-tempo song, accompanied by a drum beat and bell, brass, and electronic piano sounds.

Its melody is very addictive unlike other songs that are easy to get sick of, and its lyrics are also very impressive. The lyrics describe a man who has just fallen in love with a girl with a frank message that says, “Please stay with me until the sun rises.”

The song and the teaser of the music video will be released on November 2 at noon.

Source: TV Report via Nate
Credit: En.Korea
Shared by: JYJ3

Note: The rookie singer Baek SeungHeon (who’s MV Jaejoong is in) is NOT part of CJeS. He is in a company called C.Two Entertainment (via DoctorJaee)

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