[NEWS] 121030 JYJ Kim Junsu Sends his Gratitude to Fans for Always Walking Beside Him

On the night of October 29, JYJ’s Kim Junsu won the best actor award at the The Korean Musical Awardsfor his role in Elisabeth.

Before the ceremony, his mother, who was present for the ceremony, tweeted, “In front of the award ceremony hall~^^ Now that I’m here, I’m a bit nervous and shaky~!!”

When her son won the best actor award, Junsu’s mother tweeted, “First I want to thank God!! Thanks to all the fans, he received the best actor award and the popular award!! Thank you!! Today, Junsu cried, his fans cried, and I cried as well!! From now on, let’s cheering him on even more together so that he can fly higher ^^ Thank you, and I love you.”

Kim Jae Joong also tweeted his group member, “Our Junsu, congratulations~~~^^”

B2ST Lee Gi Kwang sent his congratulations by saying, “Hyung ^^ Are you doing well in Korea without me~~ Either way, congratulations on winning the award today!! It’s quite amazing, our Junsu hyung!!! ^_^”

After spilling tears during his thank you speech, Kim Junsu managed to calm down and share his thanks once again via Twitter.

He wrote, “The best actor award at the 18th Musical Awards..I was able to receive the award that I’ve drawn in my dreams. Musicals helped me stand back on the stage, and musicals helped me to sing again. Musicals allowed me to participate in this great event, and musicals allowed me to receive an award I thought I would never get again.”

“This thankful musical…. I will do my best to become a good actor to repay for all of this. The three years spent as a musical actor… The countless number of staff and actors who were with me during that time, I believe I received this award because of them.””I promise I′ll become an actor who always works harder. I want to dedicate this award to my fans, who walked every step with me in every moment so that I wouldn’t be lonely. I love you, and I thank you.”

After departing from TVXQ, Kim Junsu set new records in the musical world, receiving the rookie awards twice for his acting in Mozart and selling out performances for Elisabeth in ten minutes. He will be heading to Germany for his concert tour on November 30.

Photo Credit: Kim Junsu′s mother and Kim Junsu’s Twitters
Source: enewsWorld
Shared by: JYJ3

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