[NEWS] 121023 Kim Jaejoong explained “Eunsoo-saem, I paid 100% for the smartphone”


On the 23rd, Kim Jaejoong explained on his twitter, “Eunsoo-saem, I paid 100% for the smartphone”. Kim Jaejoong made a clarification shortly after the broadcast of MBC’s Come to Play on Oct 22.

Kim Eunsoo, who until recently has been using a 2G phone, has boasted in Come to Play that Kim Jaejoong has given him a smartphone. But at the end of one month, Kim Eunsoo was surprised that his phone bill amounted to 150,000 KRW. Eun Jiwon has stated “It seems the bill contains the price of the smartphone” which made Kim Eunsoo embarrassed. This prompted Kim Jaejoong to unravel a surprise on his twitter that he paid for the phone in full.

T/N: Eun Jiwon kept on insisting the phone’s price is included in the monthly bill but Yoo Jaesuk was also insisting that Jaejoong paid for the phone in full and there might just be an error in Kim Eunsoo’s phone rates.
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Watch the original video english subbed here

Credit: Nate
Translated By: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3
Shared By: JYJ3

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