[TRANS] 121020 Compilation of Tweets from Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Nanjing

  • JJ singing Living Like a Dream [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • Annyeong haseyo Kim Jaejoong imnidaaaa~ /cue screaming [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • Fans shouted Kim Jaejoong wo ai ni (I love you)~ [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • JJ is wearing black shirt and jeans~ [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • JJ said he’s happy that he came to Nanjing~ [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • MC asked what roles JJ wants to try now. JJ says he wants to try many, such as a king [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • MC said then everyone in the audience is his Queen, his Xia Yuhe (mom of Xia Ziwei from Huan Zhu Ge Ge) [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • MC try to introduce a China drama role…. a woman waiting her loved emperor…and now, fans call him emperor too [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • LOL!!!! The whole audience just called JJ “Emperor” and JJ responded by saying “Empress!!” [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • JJ said he’s not impressed with his performance in Dr. Jin. Chinese actress he knows is Zhang Ziyi. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • MC talking about JJ wrote a song for JS  [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • JJ is singing No Gain!!! [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • JJ: Thank you so much to those who waited for me in Nanjing [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • MC: what kind of music, Jaejoong would listen ? He likes different styles
  • He is inspired to write songs from people  [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • Video time and the BGM is him singing I’ll Protect You~ [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • For you~… the second VID [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • VID shows : JJ ah we(fans)are lightning bug around you, the coming path let us protect you  [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • Omg the audience is singing along. This is awesome  [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • Omg. So while the video was playing, the whole audience sang along. JJ was so moved he cried.  [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • After watching the VCR, jae said he’s very touched and he feels that he needs to work even harder (to repay his fans).
    he thought of many things from the past, and he said, the only thing that has not changed at all, is his fans. [Cr: white_faith]
  • MC: Kim Jaejoong, why are you so handsome? JJ: I don’t think I’m a good looking guy  [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • MC: When is your solo album, JJ: not sure  [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • When asked about his solo album, JJ said he doesn’t know when. At least he didn’t say “no plans”. Let’s not lose hope! [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • MC: When will you get married. JJ: I was thinking 22, but now I am 27 , so will be postpone  [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • MC: When do you want to get married? JJ: When I was 20, I wanted to get married at 26. Now I’m 27, I’ll push it back a bit. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • MC asked if he secretly likes a sport. JJ said he likes riding bikes. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • MC asked if JJ knows how to confess in Chinese, and taught him. JJ learning [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • JJ just said “I like you guys” in Chinese :33333 [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • LOL JJ said “I like you guys” three times, the audience yelled back “I LIKE YOU TOO!”. JJ chuckled and said thank you ^^ [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • He confirmed he owns coffee cojjee [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • JJ said he has no plans yet to open a branch in China since he just opened one in Seoul. [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • He just say he meets with Heechul frequently  [Cr: ShadowJaeJes]
  • He confirmed the photo with Heechul [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • Games time! [Cr: ShadowJaeJes]
  • Sortition fans on stage…. [Cr: ShadowJaeJes]
  • 6 FANS ON STAGE [Cr: ShadowJaeJes]
  • JJ saying “Start” and “Finish” in Chinese ^^ So cute  [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • Fans are playing some kind of chair game.  [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • winner of musical chair game will own his signed poster
  • so want hug is lose game , but MC said just shake hand….so NO HUG lol [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • the last fan; said I love you (in KR); Jaejoong replied: Thank you I love you (in CH) [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • The lucky girl won poster with his sign [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • The fans who went on-stage wanted a hug from jaejoong.
    the fans in the audience shouted NOOOO~~~~
    so jae asked really no?! and gave that expression. hahahahaahhahaha [Cr: white_faith]

  • JJ changed his clothes, black and suit with bow-knot [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • JJ is calling a fan~ [Cr: rubypurple_fan]
  • JJ called fan #1, said “Ni Hao” question: What color was the wedding ring Kyungtak wanted to give in Dr. Jin? Fan got it right. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • Fan #2, JJ said “Ni hao ni hao” Question: What position does Kyungtak have? Fan got it right. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • JJ speaking so much Chinese tonight. Skilled JJ xD  [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • quiz: what weapon KT use with flight with YH [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • Now fanbase give him presents [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • JJ Bar rep is talking. Said she’s a fan since 2006. She likes JJ because he’s handsome, is kind-hearted, and has never-ending determination [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • JJ bar gave JJ an Amethyst geode [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • Among the gifts… Platinum, Hello Kitty, Tumbler, Elephant something… Gah so confused [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • Oh, JJ fansites are giving gifts to JJ right now. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • Wow!! RockJJ gave JJ a bottle of Portugese wine made in 1986 [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • Really expensive gifts were given to JJ…gold/platinum, 1986 wine, crystal elephant. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • JJ said he had a lot of of fun tonight. Many ppl must’ve taken pics of me, so I want to take a pic with everyone! [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • I’LL PROTECT YOU!! [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • Fans shouting : KimJaejoong and don’t go
  • JJ is going to take a picture with the audience :3 [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • oh ..he turn in back on stage, face to screen,….that take pic with fans  [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • …ah..signed ball he throwing to fans…like the thanking give in dome(I think) [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
  • he prepared 5 presents for Fans, and throwing…like last FM throwing Rose? [Cr: MegWu0312]
  • End

Translation Credits: ohmyjunsu +  rubypurple_fan + MegWu0312 + white_faith
Shared by: JYJ3

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