[TRANS] 121016 Kim Jaejoong’s retro pictorial “likely to be the national first love”

Group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) had a winter-themed photo shoot for a fashion brand in a studio located in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul.

JYJ members were seen wearing quirky retro winter outfits with photographer Hong JangHyeon participating.

JYJ members were also seen wittingly take advantage of small retro nostalgic childhood toys like Mazinger Z, piano, harmonica, and hopping on a trampoline.

Kim Jaejoong is set to release his new movie ‘Jackal’, Park Yoochun is in the midst of filming his new drama “I Miss You”, and Kim Junsu is gaining popularity for his OST participation in the drama “Nice Guy”.

The JYJ members who have met for the first time in a long time due to their busy solo activities, have been busily updating each other during the filming.

During the filming, Park Yoochun’s dog ‘Haru’ suddenly made an appearance and has been included in the pictorial as a model.

Meanwhile, the video of the photo shoot making will be released through NII’s Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/nii27) and NII’s official website (http://www.nii.co.kr) at the end of October.

Source: TV Daily via Nate
Translated by: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3
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