[TWITTER] 121013 Junsu Twitter Update

Yoo Seungwoo..He doesn’t just know how to sing well..His appearance is one that knows how to sing in a way that works. That flexibility is quite nice, with his singing expressions. Hyung was you in the very beginning..^^

Ah and Hong Daekwang-ssi.. How you don’t let a single word, syllable and letter slide by and sing with concentration…How you face the song..I really like it^^

T/N: Yoo Seungwoo was on Super Star K4. Apparently he got cut already.
Hong Daekwang is also on Super Star K4


You are good in football… (T/N: In response to plmok30 asking what about him)

You.. are tall.. (T/N: In response to chozzz0110 asking what about him)

You know a lot on songs.. (T/N: In response to saying he sings well too)

You now going for armyT_T (T/N: In response to jiman86 asking what about him since everyone else either good in football or singing/songs)

Hyung is.. cute^^ (T/N: In response to skpark81 asking what about him)

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated By: ohmyjunsu + neonoenjena
Shared By: JYJ3

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