[TRANS] 121014 Park Yoochun featured on Taiwanese Magazine “PLAY” – Taipei Fanmeeting


Looking at the Korean stars who came before to Taiwan, which of them can be so natural and whimsical? Even dressed in bermudas and flipflops to casually arrive at the airport without losing any star appeal? As Hallyu elder group –  JYJ’s member, Park Yoochun came to meet Taiwan fans, from the moment he was seen at the airport he sends out a ‘star’ sense ( another pun – star smell ) from head to toe which cannot be ignored!

A sea of red fireflies gives a royal welcome to Prince Yoo Chun

Even though on the day of fan meeting, the weather did not cooperate and caused Taipei to be enveloped in rain and gloom, but how can this extinguish the fierce passion of Park’s family to stand by their royal prince? From noon, small gifts started to be given out, [ PARK YOOCHUN 2012 Asia Fan Meeting Tour ] slowly began with fan welcoming activities outside the event venue…Amongst the sea of red fireflies, Park Yoochun, full of charisma, appeared onto the stage, and serenaded the ost main theme from <> < the empty space for you >, but its uncertain if it was because of nerves or there was a fault with the sound system? Yoochun held his ear mic with a slightly stern expression. But, a midst the passionate cries of his fans, Yoochun seemed to slowly gain more strength, just like how Park’s family described ” rich deep voice, enchanting charisma, gentlemanly demeanor” – this is the special traits Park Yoochun displays on stage!

Fluent Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien ay-sai ( also can )

” Hi everyone, I am Park Yoochun. ” Although Yoochun was a little worried over his Mandarin pronunciation, he being fluent in English, Japanese and Korean, also showed off great potential in his fluent Mandarin ! After taking turns to greet the audience in level 1 and 2, Yoochun also happily smiled and said ” More people came than I expected! ” The host jokingly said, because everyone got the Lee-Gak-disease, so they need to come here for Yoochun’s treatment! That’s right! Due to < Rooftop Prince>’s high ratings, caused Taiwan to see a massive increase in persimmons ( pun in mandarin because it sounds the same as Seja) fans, and also led more of singer-Yoochun’s fans to discover his actor side.

When asked where he went on the night he reached Taipei, and what he did? Yoochun smiled and replied that he did not go anywhere, and only stayed at the hotel with the staff and had a little drink, and experience Taiwan’s local traditional game ” Xi ba Dou ah ( a kind of dice game) “. He gleefully said ” Xibadouah is really fun! Because in Korea there are not many these kind of games, I will definitely be introducing this game to my friends. ” Yoochun learn on the spot how to pronounce “Xibadouah” in Taiwanese Hokkien, he even managed to repeat fluently a popular line in the Taiwanese drinking culture.

Taiwan, we will meet again next time!

After wrapping up < Rooftop Prince>’s shoots, in order to thank all his immense fan base, Park Yoochun began this ” Park Yoochun 2012 Asian Fan Meeting” tour. In addition to singing many drama theme songs, there were also many activities planned for fans to have a chance to meet him up close and personal by playing several proximity games. On this Taiwan fan meeting, Yoochun didn’t just share exciting clips from < Rooftop Prince>, he even arranged for fans to play a game designed by him.

As a member of JYJ, Yoochun with Jaejoong and Junsu came out with the “In Heaven” album, the three members are also beginning to branch out into the fields of acting. These few years, Yoochun has appeared in the dramas < Miss Ripley>, and < Rooftop Prince> , and shown improvements in his acting by leaps and bounds. But Yoochun was modest and shyly smilingly said that he is not used to being praised, and towards everyone’s support and affirmation, he is full of thanks! And just before the fan meet is over, Yoochun specially expressed a tiny speech – ” Even though I know I should have talked more to everyone, but I don’t know why after coming to Taiwan I just feel very happy, and want to laugh alot. This could be because I got alot of energy from all of you, so I hope tonight will become a wonderful memory for everyone, like it will be for me! “

Scans Credit : 风筝佳
Translation Credit: LovingJYJ of JYJ3
Shared: JYJ3

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