[TWITTER] 121010 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] John Lee to Jaejoong: Nice to meet you ~ ~ Jaejung ^ ^

[TRANS] Jaejoong to John Lee: Hello, director~ ^^ For “Meeting when the waiting ends.” Heh.

[TRANS] John Lee to Jaejoong: Reading those words, there’s something faintly nostalgic.. A present for our Jaejung who is immersed in working in solitude at night^^.. A nostalgic song by Kim Tae Won.

Note: Mr.John tweeted ‘a moment to remember’ OST to Jaejoong, John H. Lee is the director of “A Moment to Remember”– the movie that inspired JaeJoong to write “No Gain”[article]. More info about him here
Mr. John H. Lee and Jaejoong are following each other twitters.

Jaejoong RT Junsu’s tweet

[TRANS] From sometime.. meeting all of you is more important to me.. not important to appear on TV..
I love all of you to be with me today~♥ pic.twitter.com/Uo0kgd3m

Credit: @mjjeje
Translation Credit: @_alovelikewar
Shared by : JYJ3

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