[TWITTER] 121010˜11 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] I meant to write a song but because of Gangnam style the song has not been written.. I inserted the melody of Gangnam style into the guide for fun and I can’t escape from it.. T_T hehe Aish me heh

[TRANS] JJ-I want to meet all of you! I think it’s okay if my head goes stupid, but my heart can’t,
my head is calculating but my heart is thinking deep. That’s why I can’t forget(T.T)

Other translations :

The brain might forget but the heart will always remember


[TRANS] And my feet is going ‘dong dong gu reu gi’, ikkio buki? I miss you!

T/N: This is a  literal translation.
Seems like Jaejoong is toying with his japanese words~^^
Ikkiopuki is from the “Gag Concert“. Here is a segment from the show called Ikkiopuki. We might have to start watching to understand JJ~ ^^


[TRANS] Working with our Flowsik!! But 1 million! pic.twitter.com/iz8MlER0

Credit : mjjeje, flowsik
Translated by : hellyryther of JYJ3 + rubypurple_fan of JYJ3 + neonoenjena + ohmyjunsu
Shared by : JYJ3

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