[TRANS/NEWS] 121010 Apology from Kyeongki-do National Para Games to JYJ’s Junsu and his fans (Updated!)

We deeply apologize.

As the party in charge of the 32nd National Para Games opening ceremony on Oct 8, we sincerely apologize to everyone for not running the event smoothly, for the inconveniences caused by time delay, order maintenance and many other concerns.

In addition, we apologize once again to many people from all over the country who came here since early in the morning including Kim Junsu(XIA).

We will thoughtfully reflect so that such incident will never occur again in the future.

Next, we are going to explain the matter related to JYJ Kim Junsu(XIA).

Since the beginning, while putting our heart and soul in reviewing which singer would perform the last stage (finale) through live radio broadcast and other medias, we took into account many aspects such as popularity and reputation and decided to choose Kim Junsu (XIA) so we directly negotiated with his agency CJES and not long before the event, CJES agency difficultly decided on the final performance for this meaningful event of Para Games.

During the negotiating process, we looked through many different plans which could brighten the meaning of this festival with JYJ Kim Junsu(XIA)’s agency. While deliberating, we discussed about the meaning and purpose of this opening ceremony and also sent them the agenda of the event and settled on the performance through mutual deliberation.

Furthermore, after finishing enough consultations about the ceremony program during the deliberating process, we received the music for his performance 2 days before the event and we worked on the lighting memory settings, VJ video through many aspects in order to enhance the quality of performance. The whole system for lighting, sound effects, camera etc was run until the finale stage.

About the method of introducing Kim Junsu(XIA) on stage after concluding the live broadcast, we have mutually deliberated on the method and words in the introduction with his agency 2 days before the event. We have deliberated with them that after the closing ment for live radio broadcast, MC for the live broadcast Kim Changryul would stay on stage and introduce, even the timing to appear on stage were discussed before Kim Junsu(XIA) performed the finale stage.

In addition, since there was not much time left before the event, the promotional materials were made accordingly to the performances what were confirmed at that point so we initially excluded his name on the promotional materials but later we quickly produced the promotional materials as well as banners etc.

Also, after concluding the post-ceremony event, due to the departure of important guests, there were many empty seats left and we couldn’t foresee that it would cause such chaotic situation so we apologize for causing inconveniences to people who came early.

About the security company, we have warned and asked the security company for the event to politely apologize to the representatives.
Also, the scene where cameras were packed away that many spectators have seen was because the broadcast station in charge KBS decided to move their cameras after the official ceremony has ended (KBS only filmed the official ceremony).

We have filmed the entire celebration event and didn’t leave out any single scene including Kim Junsu(XIA)’s performance.

However, we apologize once again for not informing the entire situation in detail, and these matters can also be confirmed by CJES agency.
We would like to thank CJES agency and Kim Junsu(XIA) who took interest and participated in Para Games despite of busy schedules.

Anyway, as the main party in charge, we sincerely apologize to everyone participated in the event for the inconveniences we caused.

Source: ggsports2012
Translated by: XIAworld
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Note: maybe readers will get a somewhat clearer understanding from this article instead (if the above one is still confusing people)

The National Para Games apologizes to JYJ’s Junsu and his fans

The National Para Games Group has posted an apology on their website to apologize to JYJ’s Junsu and his fans.

On October 8th, Junsu was set to perform as the finale stage at the opening of the 32nd National Para Games – Gyeonggi Province. However, many fans had problems with Junsu’s final stage, starting from the lighting of the stage up to the way his stage was filmed. To answer the fans rising anger, presumably, the chief officer of the National Para Games uploaded the following apology.

I’m very sorry.

As the chief officer, I apologize to everyone for not handling the 32nd National Para Games’ opening ceremony on October 8th with ease, causing concerns in delay and order maintenance.

Also, I apologize to Kim Junsu (XIA) and all the fans that came from all over the world early in the morning.

I will reflect on this and make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

I will give you an explanation pertaining to JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA).
Unaffiliated with the radio broadcasting, from the beginning we chose Kim Junsu (XIA) as the artist that would decorate the ending (finale) stage because he is popular and famous, we directly recruited him from his label C-JES. His label C-JES made a difficult decision in letting him appear even though there was short notice before the event because the Para Games was a meaningful event.

During the recruitment process, we recruited JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) from his label CJES through various steps in event planning. During the recruitment process, we confirmed his attendance by sending him information on the meaning and purpose of the Games, as well as the event schedule, and came to a mutual agreement. Also, we reached an adequate agreement about the opening program while we were discussing his recruitment. Two days before the concert, we received his performance music to heighten the quality of the performance. We set up the spotlight memory settings and VJ video separately, and took the lighting, sound, camera, and all other systems to the finale stage.

On introducing Kim Junsu (XIA), the label agreed two days prior to the event that following the live broadcast, Kim Junsu (XIA) would be introduced after the closing ment live radio broadcast, and Kim Chang Ryul would introduce him as the broadcast MC. Before Kim Junsu’s final stage, the contents were agreed with the label on the point of when he would appear on the stage.

On the promotional items, his recruitment was not confirmed until there was only a short period of time left before the event, so his name was not included in the original promotional material. However, later promotional material and cards were created with his inclusion. After the conclusion of the after-meal event, after the departure of the main guests, there were many empty seats remaining, causing a bit of chaos. I apologize for not thinking that such a situation could occur, and apologize for causing discomfort to the guests. I have warned the security team to sincerely apologize to the CEO. I believe that the camera cleaning scenes that some guests saw was because the KBS team moved their cameras after the main event (KBS only filmed the main event). The celebratory event was filmed by us, and I will tell you that we did not miss any footage up to the very end, including Kim Junsu (XIA).

However, I apologize again for not giving detailed information on the entire situation. You may corroborate this information with the C-JES label. I thank C-JES and Kim Junsu (XIA) for attending the Para Games with meaning and interest even with their busy schedules, and I am very sorry to have caused a disturbance to everyone who participated in the event.

However, the apology seemed to anger fans even more. Many fans wondered if the apology was really from the head officer, as it was uploaded onto a free board where anyone could write, and also could easily get lost. Some fans even pointed out that C-JES was not a label, but an agency, and demanded a more proper apology. Many international fans flocked to the website in support of Junsu as well.

Source: The 32nd National Para Games Official Page
Credit: allkpop
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