[NEWS] 121011 Kim Jae Joong Tells His 1 Million Followers He′s Working on a Song

Kim Jae Joong opened up his studio to show how he works.

On October 10, the singer tweeted, “I′ve been writing a song, but I can′t seem to continue because of Gangnam Style. I inserted the melody for Gangnam Style in the guide for fun, but I can′t take it out.”

He then added, “I′m working with Flowsik! And now I′ve got 1 million followers!” and attached a photo of himself working in his studio.

Kim Jae Joong has continuously showed off his skills as a singer/songwriter, writing lyrics and songs since his TVXQ (DBSK) days. He wrote the lyrics for the tracks in JYJ′s albums and his OST pieces for his dramas Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin. He also recently presented his fellow member Kim Junsu with his self-composed piece No Gain.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Is the work for your film The Jackal is Coming? Or for JYJ′s second album?” “So this is where all those beautiful melodies come from,” “I′m looking forward to it” and “So Kim Jae Joong has been taken by Gangnam Style too.”

Kim Jae Joong appeared at the red carpet event for the 17th Busan International Film Festival held on October 4 as the lead of The Jackal is Coming.

Photo credit: Kim Jae Joong′s Twitter, JYJ′s Facebook
Source: enewsWorld
Shared by: JYJ3

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