[NEWS] 121004 The One Says All 5 DBSK Members Will Always Be One to Him

Singer, The One, who has found renewed interest and popularity after his successful casting and graduation from MBC’s I Am a Singer in two rounds – a record- has shared his praise of TVXQ (DBSK) and SNSD’s Taeyeon, his former vocal students.

Appearing on the October 4 episode of YTN’s News 12 Issue And People, The One shared on his difficult ascent and career as both a vocal trainer and singer.

Having trained a number of famous idol and non-idol singers, The One was asked who his most memorable student was.

After mentioning SNSD’s Taeyeon, The One shared his affection for DBSK saying, “Though they are now active as 3 and 2 separate members, in my heart they will always be the same five individuals.”

He added, “[To me] they’re not 1+1+1+1+1 but [together] just ‘1”. Even before its debut, DBSK came together as a close-knit group during its difficult and hungry days. It’s not about them singing better or worse than another but to sing well, they came together in a passionate manner. That was the aspect I liked the most.”


Credits: enewsworld
Shared by: DBSKnights




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