[NEWS] 121003 TVXQ talk about promoting as a duo and their comeback with “Catch Me”

TVXQ recently held an interview with the Financial Times and they talked about a variety of subjects ranging from from their new song “Catch Me” to their previous activities.

During the interview, they were asked about the fact that much of the younger generation is actually not that familiar with TVXQ. To this, Yunho said, “For our latest promotions, we couldn’t use a song similar to “Why” like we did last time. We wanted to be a little more friendly this time, so we worked hard to use an easy melody that wouldn’t hinder our usual strength. Next year will be our 10th anniversary, so PD Yoo Young Jin was very kind to us. He told us that he wanted us to think about the general public at large. The people that used to listen to our music in elementary school are now in their 20′s. This time around, we wanted to have something that could even appeal to the elementary school students. Our choreography was created in a way that even children could follow it as well.”

Changmin replied, “The younger generation doesn’t know about the the 1st generation idols that we grew up watching. I want to become a singer who can appeal across the generations, and I want to be an example to the other idols.”


On promoting as a duo instead of a 5-member group, Changmin said, “It was strange to sing a two-person song after promoting together for at least 5 years. We had to perform 25-30 songs in our Japanese tour by ourselves, so I was really worried. But I think we proceeded more carefully than usual. After we did it, we realized how the two of us could make the stage. I had confidence that the two of us could hold a long stage.”

Yunho continued, “We can’t say that there aren’t any harder elements in our song this time, because it has our own color. But the parts like the chorus are a lot softer.”

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights




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