[PIC+TRANS] 121001 VJ Ken Snaps a Photo with Park Yoochun

VJ Ken, the emcee for Yoochun’s Taiwan fanmeeting posted this on his weibo account:

今天也會有朴有天來台的報導,和他拍照時他才剛下台,但他已經立刻穿上最愛的夾腳托了。今晚7點,FOX娛樂台(就是Channel V)「就是愛JK」許多好看精彩的內容,千萬別錯過了!

[TRANS] There will be reports on Park Yoochun’s arrival at Taiwan too. This picture was taken when he came back to the backstage but he had already changed into his favorite flip-flops. Don’t miss the exciting contents on Fox Entertainment Channel (which is also Channel V) 就是愛JK tonight at 7pm CST!


note: unrelated part omitted

Credit: 吳建恆KEN via weibo
Translated by : theXiahpwa
Shared by : JYJ3




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