[NEWS] 120928 JYJ Junsu Solo Transformation, “I Learned How Top Production Teams Work”

JYJ member held an interview and expressed his thoughts on transformation.

JYJ member Junsu held an interview and expressed his thoughts on transformation.

JYJ member Junsu held an interview with @star1 and talked about his never ending transformations.

He has come out with his first english single, Uncommitted, and has worked with producer Automatic to produce this single.

He explains that producing in the U.S. and in Korea is very different. He commented, “In Korea, when we produce we just focus on recording, but here we all talk and discuss our thoughts before beginning to produce. Lets say we are recording for 4 hours. Two hours are spent talking about the album and the other 2 spent on recording. They also let me rest any time I wanted and made sure that I was ok. I have learned what it feels like to work in an environment with top staff members.”

He also explained that in Korea, there were exact scripts on how the music video would be played out. However, this time, he was told to just do as he pleased in order to create a more natural looking video. Junsu was surprised at first at the fact that he was supposed to just move any way he wanted to.

He added that the staff would be looking straight as him, which made him a bit embarrassed and at the same time worried because he wanted to create something that they would like.

Credit: kpopstarz
Shared by: JYJ3




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