[TRANS] 120925 TVXQ ‘Catch Me’ MV, The Unbelievable Performance, Unconciously Astonished‏

Male group TVXQ has recently released their new MV of their new single ‘Catch Me’ and it has garnered attention.

In the ‘Catch Me’ MV revealed on the 24th, TVXQ’s strong and powerful performance attracted fans’ visual and gained explosive reponses.

To the various highlights of the choreography of ‘Catch Me’, fans nicknamed the actions as ‘Hulk dance”, “Dragon dance”,”Mirror dance” etc, and also astonished at the uniqueness of TVXQ’s performance.

World renowned choreographer Tony Testa who is also involved in the production of this album, made use of dutch electronic sound and dubstep to create the music effect. Togethe with the lyrics of how one cried out loud after a pair of lovers break up, and the inspiration of the movie ‘The Avengers’ as a basis, the story-like tune was thus arranged.

With a reflection-like actions, U-know Yunho and Max Changmin worked as one to show the complications within the heart. Combining story with music, they displayed a man’s emotional changes upon the leaving of his lover.

Especially the action when TVXQ linked with their dancers’ arms into a ‘long arm’, and the unique lifting actions by the duo gained the compliment that “It is indeed TVXQ.”

In order to work together with TVXQ in August, choreographer Tony Testa spent 1 week in Korea and he expressed, “We have tried 6 different versions before the final version. TVXQ has worked really hard for the best collaboration (of the choreography) with the music of ‘Catch Me’ and for the best performance. This has been a very satisfying and proud project.”

The album ‘Catch Me’ will be released on the 26th and TVXQ will be making their comeback on the 5th October on KBS2 Music Bank.

Source: tvdaily
Credit: yoonjae.cc
Shared by: DBSKnights




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