[INFO] 120925 TVXQ to attend the “ABU TV Song Festival”

The inaugural ABU Song Festival is envisioned as a sensational international gala event in Seoul, Korea to take place during the 49th ABU General Assembly, 11-17 October, 2012.

The song festival will take the form of a televised, non-competitive celebration of popular music representing the geographical and cultural expanse of the Asia-Pacific region. With the robust cooperation of ABU member organizations, the song festival will showcase top solo or group talents hailing from an array of national music scenes. All ABU member organizations will have the opportunity to broadcast the ABU Song Festival.

As the host organization, the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has designated 14 October, 2012 for the inaugural ABU Song Festival, and has offered the use of KBS Concert Hall for the venue. KBS has also offered to cover staging costs and accommodation for performers.

The ABU Song Festival will be a celebration of popular music featuring high-profile musical talents, not a competition among amateur musical talents. Participating member organizations will be invited to provide a solo artist or musical group who enjoy mass appeal in their home country to be featured in the song festival. The program will showcase international musical acts representing ABU members, and will have a running time of two hours.

The chief aim of the ABU Song Festival is to promote and strengthen cultural diversity through the universal allure of popular music. In doing so, we will also develop the international profile of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and start to lay the groundwork for a sustainable means of securing funding for the ABU in the future.

By its nature, the ABU Song Festival will resonate primarily with the youth of the region. But the concert will be an inclusive event, welcoming a broad audience transcending age and the wide geographical and cultural expanse of the Asia-Pacific region. We believe that the ABU Song Festival has the potential to attract an enormous audience around the world comparable with major international sporting events.

The invitation of celebrity guest performers or hosts from around the globe, perhaps beyond the Asia-Pacific region, will be considered to draw even greater international interest in the event.

Date: Sunday / 14 October 2012
Venue: KBS Hall, Seoul-Korea
Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Credits: abu2012seoul + esckaz
Shared by: DBSKnights




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