[TWITTER] 120921 JaeSu Twitter Update


Jaejoong to Junsu: Junsu ya ^^

Junsu to Jaejoong: Hyung~ what is it? ^^

Jaejoong to Junsu: I want to see you~ ke

Junsu to Jaejoong:  But you’re just behind me now…^^;

Jaejoong to Junsu: Kekekeke Rather than the back of your head, I miss your face.

Junsu to Jaejoong:  I wanted to try turning around…but suddenly became shy…;; hehe

Jaejoong to Junsu: So you’re like this ~ ke

Junsu to Jaejoong:  Heu heu heu!.



Jaejoong to Junsu: Junsuyah it was fun doing things together as expected. Do you want to live together in the dorm again?

Junsu to Jaejoong: Hyung I’m coming to your house…

Junsu to Jaejoong: Yoochunah is so funny… ㅋㅋ comedian

Jaejoong to Junsu: Yuchunie was too funny today hehe. Ah, I want to ‘Replay’ today ke

Source: mjjeje, 1215thexiahtic
Translated by: Vanessa H. (@_alovelikewar) + rubypurple_fan of JYJ3
Shared by : JYJ3




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