[INFO] 120920 The Story behind KBS Arabic and Arab Fans – Part 2

The Call with KBS Arabic Radio Today

This call is between me and KBS Arabic Radio. Its not me personally, but my mother since she was the one responsible for the calls with the official there since last year. (I’ll refer to my mother as ~I~)

This time the conversation was with a female official. When I called asking about the JYJ interview that has been delayed for over a year, she replied with “We are doing our best to make this interview happen”. When I heard this, I couldnt control my temper and just told her you’ve been saying this sentence for more than a year (Basically fans have been requesting this interview since 2012) and in our last call, we requested at least sending our gifts to JYJ if there is no hope with the interview.

She replied and for the second time “We are doing our best”! then said the problem is the lawsuit between SM & JYJ.

I told her you said that before and we know the latest news of the lawsuit and that the final verdict is delayed. We also know that it seems the lawsuit won-t end soon, does that mean waiting forever??

She just ignored and continued repeating the same words. I told her we are fans just like the rest and the lawsuit is not our guilt to pay. I explained the anger of many Arabs fans esp. Jaejoong fans who waited for more than year and in the end hearing the same words from KBS. Eventually, I told her we want a final decision. She replied “I can’t give you the final decision now”

And that’s how it ended T.T

P.S: Since she said she can’t give a final decision now, I thought may be there is still hope. I thought to myself, this call is more like a wake-up call (Since my latest call was last February). I’ll call one more time next week and see if anything new happens

Credit: JaejoongArabFans.com
Shared by: JYJ3




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