[VIDEO + TRANS] 120916 TV POOL: Yoochun at Thailand Press Conference + Fanmeeting

press conference

MC: Let’s give a big round of applause to welcome Mr. Park Yuchun! *clapping* You guys are allowed to smile, you know. It’s ok to be a press and a fangirl at the same time. Please welcome Ms. Jiyeon, the translator, up here on stage as well.

MC: Umm, would we talk standing up or sitting down? Oh, we’re doing photos first. Right… Let’s do about 10 shots. Wow, camera flashes are hitting every nanosecond. I know some of you might be afraid to make eye-contact with him, thinking you might feel shy or embarrassed, but is he looking back at you? No. *laughs*

MC: We’ll begin talking with Yuchun now. First question: How did it feel having fanmeetings in a lot of countries already?
YC: This is the second time I get a chance to hold a fanmeeting in Thailand. I’ve been to a lot of countries in Asia before this. I’ve met with fans in many places. Good memories received from fans in every country. I’m happy I get to hold a fanmeeting in Thailand this time around as well.

MC: This is practically a one-year anniversary of your first fanmeeting here. What would you like to say to all the fans who’ve been waiting for you?
YC: A second fanmeeting in Thailand. What I wanted to say to my fans who’ve been waiting for me for a whole year is… please give me strength. I’ve been to Thailand as a part of JYJ many times, but this time I came here alone. Please give me a lot of support. I often had events in Thailand, so it feels familiar like it’s my own home.

MC: Felt like giving him lots and lots of strength, huh? I’m giving you power, yeah! *high-fiving with Yuchun*. Energy!
YC: Energy *laughs*

MC: Congratulations on the Netizens Awards and Best Hallyu Actor at the 2012 Seoul Drama Awards from Rooftop Prince. Do you think you’re highly accomplished in acting now?
YC: I’m glad I received Netizens Awards for 2 years in a row. I never thought I would be chosen for it. I felt that my friends and all the fans have given me love and support. That’s way I had that chance. In the past, I thought I wouldn’t have won anything because I didn’t act well enough. When I actually won something, it didn’t make me feel successful but made me wanted to try and work harder to repay for all the support I’ve gotten from all my fans.

MC: That was such an excellent answer. Whatever he says will always be excellent. Why is he sitting so far away from me? *laughs* You can come a littler closer. Jiyeon is sitting so far away from Yuchun, too. I should be closer *scoots chair toward YC*. Next Question: When will we get to see Yuchun’s new drama?
YC: Nothing has been planned so far because a drama was just recently finished, but I think there will be another drama soon for everyone to watch before the end of the year.

MC: We’ll certainly be waiting to see. Out of the 3 dramas you’ve acted in –… umm, this is hard to pronouce. Sungkyunkwan? *gestures microphone to YC for him to say the word*. Sungkyunkwan~ Sungkyunkwan~ *laughs*. I only pretended not to be able to pronouce that word. Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Miss Ripley…
YC: Miss Ripley (he said this in perfect english and everyone was ooh-and-ah-ing)
MC: Thank you… and Rooftop Prince, which one was the most difficult?

YC: The first drama was Sungkyunkwan Scandal which put me under a lot of pressure because I had to do well and not let everyone down. After that, it was Miss Ripley. This one was less stressful than the first one and I acted like I hoped to. The latest one was Rooftop Prince which was a role I’m familiar with. I could act more comfortably and put all my energy into it. I got used to acting and it turned out good.

MC: Right. He’s so adorable and will look cute in every role he’ll be acting in, right? (YC seemed embarrassed). Ah, I like him when he gets embarrassed….. Does he know I’m gay? Jiyeon, don’t translate that!

MC: Next question for Yuchun. I’ve heard you wanted to try acting as a ‘schizophrenic’. Why would you? *everyone kept laughing* Press, stop laughing so much! We’re running out of time~
YC: I think it’s hard to act as someone with mental problems. I wanted to give it a try to show everyone I can do various types of roles.

MC: What would you like to say to all the fans about the fanmeeting which about to start in roughly 20 minutes?
YC: Before I talk about my fanmeeting, I wanted to say something about Thailand. My parents like Thailand a lot – the staff also. I wanted to take my parents on a trip to Thailand. Thai people are warm-hearted and sincere toward foreigners. I wanted to take my parents to see all the famous tourist-attractions in Thailand. Thai girls are very beautiful, too. All of my fans, please come to the fanmeeting!

MC: Thank you, Yuchun, for coming to this press conference. The fanmeeting will be full of surprises. All the press was satisfied, right? We’re sitting so close to him! It’s time for him to get prepped. I assume everyone’s going to the fanmeeting. Look forward to surprises!

Video Credit : FingyyFingyy
Translation Credit:
 Lookkaew (@Lookkaew_SK)


– On the big screen –
Yuchun Fanmeeting in Thailand
I kept counting down till the day we meet.
Really miss you guys.
*Fans keep screaming*

– Miss Ripley VTR
-Yoochun singing Miss Ripley OST “The Empty Space for You”

MC: Hello and welcome to Park Yoochun’s Fanmeeting in Bangkok. Today, I, Ekkie, will be taking charge of MC-ing. Hello everyone!
Let’s greet Yoochun. Hello Yoochun~~
YC: Hello everyone, I’m Yoochun! (in Thai)
MC: Congratulations Yoochun for receiving prizes at the Seoul Drama Awards. The Awards where foreign fans can give their votes. Yoochun has claimed the ‘Hallyu Drama – Male Actor’ category.
Yoochun, please tell us how you’re feeling about this.
YC: At first, I want to thank everyone. I have received 40,000 votes. Didn’t expect I would receive this much. I’m very happy.
*Fans clapping & screaming*
MC: Now you are very busy. Please tell us what do you do day by day.
YC: I’m not that busy. If we talk about fanmeeting, let’s not call it “WORK”. It’s more relaxing. And I’m really enjoying it. I’m really happy with fans.
*fans screaming”
MC: I have heard Rooftop Prince is very very funny. Also this drama won some prizes. But it doesn’t mean you will end up being an actor only, right?
*YC smiling*
YC: Being an actor is my work. But my main career is still being a singer. I give my best for both acting and singing.
Mc: Let’s give Yoochun a loud applause.
*MC & fans clapping their hands*
MC: standing close to Yoochun… his eyes.. (fans screaming like crazy)… they are like…
I want everyone to stand closer to Yoochun like me.
*Fans screaming*
MC continued: Don’t be jealous of me. I will be your representative. OK?
*fans kept screaming*
MC: I must truly say fans really miss Yoochun. There are so many questions written by fans. Let’s go through the questions.

– notes board (with questions from fans) standing on the stage
MC read the first note: Still miss you so much.. very much…
*MC laughing. Fans screaming*
MC: Ok, let’s come to the next one.
MC read the second note with a tough voice. “Yoochun, do you like girls with small legs? What if my legs are big but I have a kind heart, will you like me??!”
*fans screaming like crazy*
*Yoochun smiling widely*

YC: It’s not important big or small legs.
If you have big legs, you can still do some sports that make your legs become smaller.
It doesn’t depend on your legs size. Only a kind heart is counted.
*Fans faint*
MC to fans: Go, get big legs!! hahaha
MC: well, let’s come to the next question.
OMG!!! this question is so cute! I would want to know who asked this one. I want you to come on the stage!
MC read “Yoochun (soft & sexy voice)… Yoochun (high & sexy voice)… Is P’ Ekkie (the MC) cute??”
*fans screaming so loud*
*Yoochun smiling*
YC: I must say, everyone sees everything differently.
The word ” CUTE” doesn’t suit you. Better say “HANDSOME”.
*MC laughing*
MC: Yeahhhhh~~ Yoochun has a good taste.
OK. Now let’s come to the last question.
MC read “Yoochun, how many child(ren) do you want to have?”
*fans laughing and screaming*
YC: It depends on how strong / healthy my future wife will be. I want to have a daughter first. I have to say directly that I want to have two children.
But giving birth is not easy. Better bear twins. Giving birth for two lives in one time.
MC: Ohhhh… so those were questions from fans.
Everyone, give yourself an applause.
*Everyone clapping their hands*

Video Credit : FingyyFingyy
Translation Credit: @EngdowJYJ) of JYJ3
Shared by : JYJ3




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