[TRANS] 120916 Tweets Compilation of Yoochun’s Thailand Fanmeet

– Door to fanmeet are opened. Fans are inside now.[ cr:OKyuchun]

– Thai national anthem now [cr: chunYna]

– Lights off now ^^ showing vcr [cr Angelxiaholic:]

– Yuchun came out with black shirt, singing ‘Empty space you’[ cr: OKyuchun]

– He sang ‘Empty Space for You’ while wearing black cardigan, black-and-white strip scarf and dark gray pants [cr: Lookkaew_SK]

– MC ” have u been busy lately ?” YC ” not that busy at all” and laughed [cr: sycteam]

– “Do u like skinny-legged girls?” YC ” skinny or big legs doesn’t matter cuz u can exercise , its all about the heart” [cr: sycteam]

– YC : I always focus on both drama and singing. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– MC: how many kids do you want? YC: I must see how my wife is strong first. XD

– YC: I actually want a twin so, my wife won’t feel tired. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– YC ” I want my 1st kid to be a daughter but I wanna have 2 daughters so I want twin daughters” [ cr:OKyuchun]

– I want to do a lot of things, will still continue to act and sing. [cr: rubypurple_fan]

– About RTP basketball scene he did like he can’t play it ,but for the true he good ,right? YC: For a long time,maybe I can’t play its now. [ cr: OKyuchun]

– “Playing basketball with fans.

– He shoot basketball fail. He said just practicing

– Finally, he did it!!! Omg >_< he’s good at basketball.” [cr: lllerinarylll]

– Shoots with his left hand! He scores!! /cue screaming [cr: rubypurple_fan]

– Basketball shooting game with fans. A fan from China also on the stage. YC: “I’m ready” [cr: 3rebelangels]

– His deep voice… “ready?” so sexy lol [cr: rubypurple_fan]

– Shaking hands with fans and giving posters for winners. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– YC is giving posters to 4 fans and shaking hands with them. MC asked whether he is ready to change the clothes lol. [cr: 3rebelangels]

– “MC asked him if he wants some help on changing clothes. Lol
YC walked to the back stage and hug himself. May be he scared MC. Lollll” [cr: lllerinarylll]

– The cameraman tried to follow YC to the dressing room…but YC does cross sign with his arms when he arrived the room. Lol [cr: 3rebelangels]

– MC told if Yuchun won’t appear in 5 minutes, he will go to help him changing clothes. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– Omg he wearing a White shirt with dark grey collar and guess what? We can see the outline of his nipple haha [cr: VanillaLatte17]

– MC: Do you like beer or wine? YC: I drink wine more. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– YC: I love casual outfit. Mc: I love casual too. YC: ok I love suit. Should I take my shirt off? [cr: lllerinarylll]

– Staffs brings colorful tracksuit out! YC said I love the red one. [ cr: OKyuchun]

– Staff prepare the colourful sweater like in Rooftop Prince.) YC: I don’t know what to talk anymore. Hahaha [cr: 3rebelangels]

– Playing paper, scissor, hammer… with MC who loses must dance Gangnam style. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– Rock-paper-scissors who lose dance GANGNAM STYLE. MC lose but YC dance in the end XD [ cr: OKyuchun]

– “He’s cooking a dish now. He’s wearing an apron omg. Hot guy in an apron

– He’s SQUEEZING frosting on a bunch of cookies. Omg, He drew a pink heart and filled up with chocolate then he outline a brown choc with pink frosting with White eyes and lips. Then he just circled in White and crossed it with pink He’s so busy drawing omg. He’s working so hard” [cr: VanillaLatte17]

– YC is decorating cookies for 12 fans. He is wearing …cute tiger apron. ><~ [ cr: OKyuchun]

– MC for today is so funny until YC didn’t know how to answer the question [Ps. MC today is a fav. DJ,Singer and Actor in Thailand] [ cr:OKyuchun]

– His hand is shaking a lot. Lol There will be 12 lucky fans who can eat his decorated cookies. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– MC is so funny that Yuchun couldn’t answer his questions. He just smiles and laughs. [ cr: OKyuchun]

– Q ” u prefer historical drama or modern one?” YC ” depends on the characters [cr:sycteam]

– MC: How much do you like Han Jimin and Park Minyong? YC: I like Han Jimin. She’s like my sister. [ cr: OKyuchun]

– Q: u prefer Han JiMin or Park Minyoung? YC: Rooftop prince just finished for awhile. I see JiMin as noona. [cr: 3rebelangels]

– Singing That song via YY radio

– Yuchun’s voice is pitch perfect [cr: VanillaLatte17]

– I think Yuchun cried during the song. his eyes are misty after [cr: missjkhan]

– He said “San-Ya” (means “promise”) in thai. [ cr: OKyuchun]

– Staffs bring out all fans gifts. He picked the cap first. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– Yuchun opening fan gifts.. wearing mickey ears cap and taking selca with the mc!! [cr: missjkhan]

– He’s picking a Samsung case XD Handmade case [cr: lllerinarylll]

– He’s picking a buffalo doll. Lolllll and he’s laughing. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– Omg Yuchun opened our gift our keep calm shirt omg [cr: VanillaLatte17]

– YC wanna try tuk-tuk lol

– YC ” i don’t use iPhone I use samsung” lol

– MC “YC’s hands are so white ” [cr: sycteam]

– He told Mc that he wants ‘Tuktuk’ model. MC said why did you ask like this. This is already fan gifts. They’re yours!! [cr: lllerinarylll]

– MC: Have you try getting in Tuk-Tuk? (a kind of Thai taxi) YC: Nope. But I’d loved to. [cr: OKYuchun]

– YC “I’m glad the fans are here keeping an eye on him for me ” him = mc [cr: sycteam]

– He’s wearing a green scarf which is fan gift! [cr: lllerinarylll]

– YC “ลิปมัน” (lip man) = lips gross [cr: sycteam]

– MC: Have you got a dry lips? YC: (laugh) Nahhh. [cr: OKYuchun]

– MC “wanna use lip gross?” YC ” no my lips are not dry at all” [cr: sycteam]

– Lmao. I thought the mc will put the lip balm on him lol [cr: rubypurple_fan]

– YC: thank you for all gifts. Really thxs. I will buy a big luggage to carry them back to Korea. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– YC to the MC ” u r a great and energetic man but I’m just not used to your style” lol [cr: sycteam]

– He did a parody fingers wiggle like the MC xD That is so funny. [cr:OKYuchun]

– He picked a lucky fan, but that fan went to the restroom. Lolllllll [cr: lllerinarylll]

– MC ” fans next time when u come to the fanmeet , bring more gifts”

– YC “no no need , just coming to my fanmeet is enough, it already makes me happy” ^^ [cr: sycteam]

– MC told fans to walk quickly, if not then roll to here. YC said “Don’t say it frankly like that” All fans laugh because he protects them. [cr: OKYuchun]

– MC ” time to give away the signed CDs, plz say something for your fans” [cr: sycteam]

– YC ” I hope the persons who will get it hadn’t bought them yet” ROFL Chunnie ahhh XD [cr: sycteam]

– Yuchun mocking the mc. making cute voices [cr: missjkhan]

– YC says “Fight 5″ in big low voice parody the MC. [cr: OKYuchun]

– YC was shocked with how MC said sth sarcasm to fans. He is being sarcasm to MC too. LoL [cr: 3rebelangels]

– Oh…one of the lucky draw for signed CD is a fanboy! YC: a man on stage must be bewared. (of MC) [cr: 3rebelangels]

– Lol. YC just told the fanboy not to stay close to the MC. YC and MC are trolling each other. Lmao [cr: rubypurple_fan]

– Omg Yuchun is mimicking the emcee’s voice while picking the next number [cr: VanillaLatte17]

– “Yuchun prepared his own stuffs to give to his fans. The first piece is his glasses.

– The second one is his watches. He apologise that he seldom wears this one.

– Next is the hat. He wore it one time. The last piece is his earphones. MC said he want this one but YC answered this is for his fans only xD” [cr: OKYuchun]

– Yuchun wearing his spectacles earlier.. before giving to fan ^^ [cr: missjkhan]

– YC don’t use these things much. There’s a red cap. He said he wore in once. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– YC is imitating the MC’s style lol so cute [cr:sycteam]

– MC said saranghae to YC and YC embarrassed~ loll [cr: lllerinarylll]

– YC asked the MC to drink with him. But when MC said yes he cited that he ain’t feel well x) [cr: OKYuchun]

– MC said YC should go back to play Twitter. T___T [cr: lllerinarylll]

– Mostly of fans asked to hug the MC and YC looked at him with envy eyes. He was soooo cute! xD [cr: OKYuchun]

– YC: Ahhhh I can go back to play Twitter, but can we talk about other thing? [cr: lllerinarylll]

– MC asked Yuchun to be back on Twitter. YC answered “That could be, but go drink with me instead” LOL [cr: OKYuchun]

– YC: please looking forward on my next work. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– Yuchun answered the questions much more then the translator interpreted. So he said “Why you interpret so quick?” [cr: OKYuchun]

– Yuchun said he doesn’t know how long he will be able to work as an artist. But he’ll do his best. [cr:OKYuchun]

– YC: Thanks to everyone that come here. I was so exciting since I was at the hotel. (YC said the translator translated so fast) [cr: 3rebelangels]

– He thanks you Thai fans that make him comes here and always be here to be support him, [cr:OKYuchun]

– YC said he’s been doing a lot of thinking these days. [cr: rubypurple_fan]

– YC: I used to announce about my work on twitter but now I hope you can still follow my work anyway [cr: 3rebelangels]

– YC: fans can follow me on Twitter, but I want fans to follow my work more than that. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– YC ” I apologize I used to update my work via my twitter but now plz follow my update from the official news”[cr:sycteam]

– YC: please looking forward on my next work. [cr: lllerinarylll]

– YC ” dont stop to support me, I dont know how long I can keep on working like this. It makes me tense too. Plz support me” [cr:sycteam]

– Taking pics with all fans in venue :) [cr: lllerinarylll]

– End FM ㅠㅠ [cr: OKYuchun]

T/N: Today many fan tweeted, little different in timing, I tried to put all together with help of YY live stream, hope I got the sequence right.

Translation Credit: As tagged
Compiled by: Faith of Park Yoochun Singapore Fanclub
Photo Credit: Pingbook + A tagged
Shared by: JYJ3




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