[NEWS] 120917 Hallyu stars JYJ selected as exclusive models for Tony Moly

Cosmetics brand Tony Moly has announced on the 17th that it has selected hallyu star group JYJ as exclusive models.

According to Tony Moly, JYJ will have a one year modelling contract and they will be the image model in Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other Asian countries excluding Japan.

“Hallyu star JYJ is loved at home and abroad”, said Kim SeungChul, VP for marketing, “JYJ will help enhance Tony Moly’s global image as it continues to expand overseas.”

There will be JYJ ads and CFs to be aired nationwide starting this October.

Source: EDaily
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 

[NEWS] 120917  JYJ are selected as a new face of Tony Moly

JYJ were recently selected as a new face of Tony Moly.

On September 17, the cosmetic brand Tony Moly announced that it has selected JYJ as its new exclusive models.” JYJ will model for the brand in all Asian countries, including Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand (except for Japan), for an year.

Kim Seung Chul, the director of the Marketing Department of Tony Moly, says, “JYJ are the best Hallyu singing group in and out of Korea. As we’re trying to expand our business abroad, we’re expecting JYJ will help our brand to become globally well-known.”

The Tony Moly’s TV commercial can be seen at all stores of Tony Moly and on TV from next month. A spokesperson for Tony Moly says, “Each JYJ member’s stylish, gentle look and the trendy, urban concept of Tony Moly will achieve synergy, invigorating the brand.”

Source: TV Report
Credit: En.Korea
Shared by: JYJ3

[NEWS] 120917 JYJ Becomes Brand Rivals of TVXQ with Tony Moly Deal

The JYJ members will be serving as the face of cosmetics brand Tony Moly.

Cosmetics brand Tony Moly recently confirmed the global hallyu group had officially signed on to be the brand’s new spokesmodels.

Over the course of the next year, the JYJ members will serve as the cosmetics brand’s new models not only in Korea but in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and more, excluding Japan.

Tony Moly’s marketing vice president Kim Seung Chul remarked on the new partnership saying, “JYJ is receiving widespread love in Korea and is the best hallyu star group both nominally and in reality. We anticipate JYJ will be a big boost in Tony Moly’s plans to enter the overseas markets.”

The initial television commercials and print ads for the brand featuring the JYJ members will begin airing and printed starting in October.

The JYJ members’ former group, DBSK (TVXQ), is currently serving as the spokesmodels for rival cosmetics brand Missha.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment
Shared by: JYJ3 

[NEWS] 120917 JYJ Replaces T-ara as New Face of Cosmetics Brand(Read Here, Via KStar10)

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